Nia Bauer


Besides having a life-long passion for biology and my early forays into cow eye dissection in the 2nd grade (I loved it, but my mother was grossed out when I wanted to keep the retina in a Dixie cup), my formal credentials are a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Psychology from the University of San Diego. I then entered the University of Texas at Houston - MD Anderson Cancer Center and completed my Ph.D. studying genomic instability and how it relates to disease.

Academic Interests:

If it has DNA, I am into it, more specifically, human genetics and its impact on cancer. I also love to learn more about how cells communicate and interact, like through neural networks.

Personal Interests:

Top interests include my family- taking care and keeping up with my daughters- the animal experts and animal rescuers- earthworms have no fear! I also love to cook, art in all forms, tennis, and scrapbooking (something to do with all the family pictures I acquire!).
On another note, I am very passionate about increasing the quality of science instruction in early childhood education. If you are planning on becoming a science teacher- come and chat with me!