For information about Biology courses or about majoring in Biology, please contact one of the following faculty members:

Department Chair: Rachel Willard
Phone: 303.797.5718
Room M3655
Email: rachel.willard@arapahoe.edu
Terry Harrison
Phone: 303.797.5841
Room M3115
Email: terry.harrison@arapahoe.edu
Nia Bauer
Phone: 303.797.5713
Room M3625
Email: nia.bauer@arapahoe.edu

Celia Norman
Phone: 303.797.5851
Room M3535
Email: celia.norman@arapahoe.edu

Fermentation Sciences Program Contact: Jessica Blatecky
Phone: 303.797.5896
Room: M4125
Email: jessica.blatecky@arapahoe.edu

Jenai Rutledge
Room M3545
Email:  jenai.rutledge@arapahoe.edu
Professional Staff
Jeff Benson
Phone: 303.797.5797
Email: jeff.benson@arapahoe.edu
Greg Hapke
Phone: 303.797.5618
Email: greg.hapke@arapahoe.edu