ACC AIAS Bookcase Design Competition

We Have A Winner!

The AIAS chapter at ACC sponsored a design competition this spring for a new bookshelf / display case in the student lounge area.

A design jury consisting of a current Masters of Architecture student, a local architect, and a University of Colorado faculty member reviewed and selected a winner from the competition submittals.

The first place winner will be built by the end of the semester.  We will discuss at the 4/22 AIAS meeting.

  1st Place


"The idea behind “Protean” is having a versatile design that incorporates seating and table space. By utilizing pivoting joints (connection bolts and caps) where the tables/benches overlap, everything can be stored in the unit when not in use. The pivoting joints allow 360-degree rotation translating into a number of possible configurations. In addition, the extra display shelves are easily added or removed and stored within the unit. The display case areas use grooves and easily removable Plexiglas pieces allowing the space to be utilized for a number of purposes outside of model display if need be. This also allows for a quick and safe method of switching the contents in the cases, where previously it was a hazard.

Ensuring that the relevance of the unit continues into the future was a main consideration in the design."


2nd Place

Illuminating Design

 The premise of "Illuminating Design" was to first assess the needs of the display area.  Supplying room for models, a student run donated book library, space for a 52" LCD screen, etc.  After finding my proposed solution I wanted to make it a display worth having in the Design building at ACC.  The structure is simple, may be comprised of found or donated wood, cutting the overall cost.  However, what makes it special is the luminous acrylic sheet placed behind the shelving unit itself.

The sheet of light will provide not only plenty of light for displaying models, but will also supply a modern and technological feel to the space which is something the design students and staff, I feel, would appreciate.  The shelving is what makes the display so functional, the shelves are individual planks of wood that can be easily rearranged and distributed to accommodate various sizes of models made by the students.


3rd place

The Lounge

The student lounge in the Arapahoe Community College, Art and Design Center is a boring, uninteresting place that most students do not use. My design solution is meant to incorporate the classroom prefix in our building. All classrooms in the Architecture building begin with AAD, so my bookcase is designed to resemble these initials. The first A has bookshelves and spaces for the “Take-a-Book, Leave-a-Book” library. The second A has plenty of shelves for more books, as well as magazines. The D, which stands for “Design” is the display case for the architectural models built by the students. Also as part of the design, the bulletin board, TV monitor, and program brochure holders will be placed around the bookcase assembly creating a neat looking wall. The bookcase is only phase 1 of my design. It should be completed with couches and a coffee table to create a comfortable space that students will want to be in.





Other Submittals


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