Expectations and Results

Expectations play a big part in success, and the same is true for Arapahoe Community College’s online students. In order to achieve the best results, you have to know what to expect when deciding whether to register for on-campus classes or sign up for online learning. We understand that in order for our students to succeed, they need to understand what to expect in order to take on the right amount of coursework and achieve the best possible outcomes in their educational journeys. 

Online classes can take different forms, and the demands of each course vary greatly depending on the program. Some online classes last only a few weeks, while others run the entire length of a traditional semester.

Time Commitment

You should expect to spend at least as much time on an online course as you would if you had chosen to take the equivalent on-campus class. Generally, to achieve an average grade, that would equate to about 2.5 hours per credit each week during a 15-week semester – and more time for higher grades. Courses that last less than 15 weeks require proportionately more hours per week. 

Communicating with Instructors

The instructor for each course maintains all the components for the online class during the semester, including online discussions, assignments, quizzes and exams. You will use Desire2Learn (D2L), ACC’s learning management platform, to interact with instructors during the course’s online discussion forum, and instructors are also available by email to answer your questions and discuss assignments. 

On-campus Attendance

We make every effort possible to make sure your online course is as convenient as possible. You can buy your books and class materials online, access over 160,000 books online through ACC’s library, take online orientation classes and complete tests and assignments online through D2L. However, depending on the class, there are a few rare occasions you may have to come to the ACC campus for your online course, such as to go to the library to review resources or to take a test. 

If you are in a hybrid class, which is a combination of an online course with some in-classroom work, you may be required to take some or all of your exams during your regular class session on campus. However, the requirements for most of ACC’s online courses can be fulfilled without having to come to campus. 

To better understand the expectations of ACC’s online learning program, visit the Online Learning section and browse through the available resources, or contact our e-Learning staff directly at elearning@arapahoe.edu