Language Authority is an innovative online program designed to help professionals learn key phrases for working with the Spanish-speaking community. Learn words and phrases specific to several careers. Try a FREE demo and experience the excellent content and the interactive delivery methods for these online classes.


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Move Mountains at your job! Courses with an * are eligible for 2.0 CEUs.


Spanish for ProfessionalsCourse Number
Spanish for HealthcareONLI 2225*
Spanish for BankingONLI 2226
Spanish for Customer Service ONLI 2227
Spanish for Real EstateONLI 2228*
Spanish for Law EnforcementONLI 2229
Spanish for 9/11 DispatchONLI 2230
Spanish for EMS and Fire ONLI 2231
Spanish for TeachersONLI 2232*
Spanish for CorrectionsONLI 2233
Spanish for Park RangersONLI 2238

General Languages

DutchONLI 2236
PortugueseONLI 2239
GermanONLI 2249
Mandarin ChineseONLI 2234
SpanishONLI 2237
FrenchONLI 2248
ItalianONLI 2235