Vicki Nelson

Vicki coaches people to be the person they want to be, have the strength and ability to follow their heart, and relate to others the way they want to. For parents, she leads a 10-week workshop called How to Raise a Healthy Child While You're Still a Mess, Yourself. She has an ebook for purchase titled, The Key to Eliminating Stress, Permanently.

After 20-plus years in corporate America, primarily in leadership roles, Vicki left that life to finish raising her son. She is now a coach, author and workshop leader. Vicki began teaching EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques® in 2008, and added offerings specifically for parents in 2014.

 A native of Colorado, Vicki lived for 28 years in Minnesota before returning to Colorado. She's delighted to be teaching at ACC, where she completed the first half of her college experience decades earlier.

You can sample Vicki's ebook, and learn more at her website and blog, Her blog offers insights, advice and encouragement, from a practical, spiritual perspective. Find Vicki on LinkedIn.