Marilyn Cassidy

Marilyn has been an art instructor for 24 years. She originally studied in Denver with Bernice Bergman, and then with Phillip J. Steele, the founder of RMCAD. She completed her degree in Fine Arts (1977) at RMCAD and was hired by the State of Colorado as the Graphic Designer for Central Services. Marilyn worked as Media Production Advisor for the student print publications at CSU Fort Collins.

In 1983, Marilyn moved to San Francisco where she worked as a Graphic Designer for Sperry Univac, creating 3-dimensional sets for trade shows. Marilyn then worked in Chicago at Galeco, a large printing and publishing firm. In Barrington, Illinois Marilyn headed up the Barrington Community Cultural Arts helping to promote the arts. In 1990, Marilyn returned to Denver and began teaching Pottery for South Suburban and in 1993 became the head of the Pottery Department, and taught painting and drawing. Marilyn also opened her own studio where she could continue to paint and teach.

After several years and promotions, Marilyn found herself at the helm of the Culture and Enrichment department at SSPRD. After 15 years in department management, she left that position to become a full-time teacher again. Marilyn began teaching oils and watercolors for ACC and additionally worked as the contract art teacher for Ft. Logan Elementary in Sheridan. Additionally, Marilyn has worked on numerous public art grants awarded from SCFD and has several art installations throughout south Denver. Marilyn is currently teaching and has shown her work in many galleries and online. Check out her work online.