Evette Goldstein

Evette has been learning and practicing calligraphy since she learned cursive writing in the third grade. She turned her hobby into a part-time business almost 30 years ago. Necessity and opportunity created a full-time business – check out her calligraphy website here and Pinterest page here– in February 2002. Evette has been featured in CONFETTI magazine, Castle Rock News Press, Littleton Independent, and Highlands Ranch Herald. She is self-taught in art, calligraphy, abstract paintings, and pencil portraits. Evette has the ability to replicate what she sees! She has also won awards for her calligraphy and her paintings. Evette is a member of Greater Castle Rock Art Guild, Parker Artists Guild, and the Colorado Calligraphers Guild.

Born in New Jersey, raised at South Lake Tahoe, Evette holds a B.S. in technical management from Regis University. She is also a former aerospace engineer.