Eli Vega

Eli Vega, who taught himself photography, is a highly published award-winning photographer and author. He has just finished writing his second photography book, Right Brain Photography (Be an artist first). Eli taught his first photography course in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Today, he offers four different courses at several venues, including his popular 3-day workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Eli's former life was in the Learning & Development field, where he got certified as a workshop facilitator. Those credentials, coupled with his extensive photography teaching, and having been self-taught provides students with a down-to-earth, laid back, learning experience---with a touch of home-spun humor.

Eli was born in a railroad boxcar, spent most of his formative years in west Texas, majored in art for three years, and moved to Colorado eleven years ago from Dallas. He loves Colorado and our surrounding states, and his images show that love.

You can see samples of Eli's artistic photography at www.elivega.net and you can like him on his Facebook page.