Christina Blume

Christina has taught medical and body care herbalism for the past 15 years in the Denver metro area at the Botanic Gardens, and local colleges and garden centers. She also did an “herb spot” for 18 months on KMGH Channel 7 Sunday mornings and radio in Colorado and Arizona.  In 2003, Christina taught the staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh Scotland how to make and use flower essences. She has also taught her herb classes in the south of California, Montana, Spain, France, and northern England. Christina has written articles for Natural Horse magazine, Flower Essence Society of North America and dozens of dog and cat club newsletters, websites and periodicals. 

Born in Billings, MT, Christina has been a Colorado resident since age 5.

Her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science, one year post graduate work in Behavioral Science at CU Denver, numerous certifications in Herbalism, Biofeedback Technician, Registered Wellness Consultant and Homeo-Therapeutic Consultant

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