Grades 9-12

June 10-14

Improve Your Study Skills

Have you ever thought you’d study harder if only you knew how? Discover how you learn best! Get ready for the new school year by learning strategies in listening, note-taking, test-taking, time management and more.

add to cartMon-Fri, June 10-14, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1100M01-58055 | Course Cost: $189

Algebra I

Do you need a review before Algebra II? You are not alone! We will cover inequalities, linear and quadratic equations, slopes, polynomials, expansion, function and radicals. Bring a calculator.

Mon-Fri, June 10-14, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1101M01-58056 | Course Cost: $189 | closed

Emergency Medical Services Academy

Are you interested in Emergency Medicine? Experience what it is like to provide emergency care for people who have been injured or are experiencing a medical emergency. Students will learn lifesaving skills such as CPR, splinting, bleeding control and tourniquet application. Work with paramedics to care for patients experiencing strokes and heart attacks. Use equipment found in ambulances to help assess and care for patients. Learn the demands of the job, pay rates and what education is required. Camp taught by ACC's EMS Academy. First Aid and CPR certification will be issued at the completion of camp.

add to cartMon-Fri, June 10-14, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1110M01-58065 | Course Cost: $209*

*Tuition: $189 + CPR Certification: $20

The Science of Happiness

Develop every day strategies to increase positive well-being through positive psychology, the study of what makes people flourish in all areas of life. Learn how to turn stress into a tool, how to experience more emotions that are positive, how to make your relationships better and what it takes to like your future job/careers.

Mon-Fri, June 10-14, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1102M01-58057 | Course Cost: $189 | closed

College Research Skills

Are you off to college in the next few years? Come get a jump start! ACC’s awesome Research & Instruction Librarians, Lisa and Charlie will go over how to find, evaluate and use information to  make you more confident in your ability to learn anything you want in your academic or personal life! Learn the foundational skills of research, resource evaluation, and fun citation methods to impress your future college professors.

Mon-Fri, June 10-14, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1103M01-58058 | Course Cost: $189 | closed

June 17-21

Young Authors

Love to write? This is a great opportunity for learning or sharpening existing writing skills across different genres and topics. Students will explore writing as a tool for self-expression and engage in the full writing process of drafting, writing, revising, editing and publishing. There will be opportunities for writing in small groups along with individual guidance from the instructor. Join us for this exploration in writing and work to create a publication highlighting student work from the week.

Mon-Fri, June 17-21, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus closed
YTHC 1105M01-58060 | Course Cost: $199*

*Tuition: $189 + Publication Fee: $10

The Miracle of Communication

Learn to better appreciate, understand, and apply interpersonal communication skills. Gain a greater understanding for emotional and intellectual filters in comprehending ourselves and others. Work in peer groups to formulate discussions and apply concepts to help prepare you for college and the future!

add to cartMon-Fri, June 17-21, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1104M01-58059 | Course Cost: $189

June 24-28

Urban Ecology

Are you looking to boost your resume and college application? Learn about data tracking, identification, and synthesis as you participate as citizen scientists in local research done by universities in Colorado. Potential research topics would include bird counts, migration inventories, wildlife identification, or pollinator research.

add to cartMon-Fri, June 24-28, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1106M01-58061 | Course Cost: $189

Algebra II

Need a math review? You are not alone! Review functions, factoring, graphing quadratics, exponents and radicals, geometric and arithmetic sequences, logs and exponents and matrices. Bring a calculator.

add to cartMon-Fri, June 24-28, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1107M01-58062 | Course Cost: $189

July 8-12

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens 2 Week Camp

Based on the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey, learn organization strategies that will not only benefit your studies, but also your life. Explore some possibilities for improving your personal space to make room for more clear school goals. Improve your schoolwork by organizing your thought patterns and structuring your work habits. Focus on simplifying your life and keeping your attention on what is really important for your success.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 8-19, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1108M01-58063 | Course Cost: $391*

*Tuition: $378 + Book Fee: $13

Drawing for Cartooning and Manga

Do you like to draw? Learn how your imagination comes alive and discover the methods of drawing behind cartooning and manga. Create your very own character as you discover how to convey shape, style, color, action and humor. Discover storytelling conventions utilized by professional illustrators while exploring the rich Japanese art form of manga and how to draw in this dynamic style.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 8-12, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1109M01-58064 | Course Cost: $189

July 15-19

ACC's MakerSpace All Day Camp

Do you like to build stuff with your hands? ACC’s Makerspace will provide a hands-on, experimental learning space for construction management, studio art, STEM, and engineering graphics for students to create original prototype pieces of art. The space will include woodworking tools, electronics, 3D printers/scanners and miscellaneous hand tools. This is an all day camp.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 15-19, 8:30am-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1111M01-58066 | Course Cost: $398*

*Tuition: $378 + Technology Fee: $20

July 22-26

SAT English: Improve Your Scores

Reduce your anxiety about the SAT! Learn or enrich the skills needed to score highly on the SAT critical reading and writing section. Students will be given 40 SAT words daily, as well as learn test-taking strategies.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 22-26, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1112M01-58067 | Course Cost: $189

SAT Math Exam: Improve Your Scores

Our motto is “control the test” and don’t let the test control you. Cover over 50 math concepts in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Probability while learning test-taking strategies.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 22-26, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1113M01 – 58068 | Course Cost: $189

Life Skills

An incredibly useful class focusing on Self-Management skills, Verbal and Nonverbal communication, Listening, Etiquette, and Confidence. Prepare yourself to become a functional member of the community by acquiring the skills to be a successful person.

add to cartMon-Fri, July 22-26, 8:30am-12pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1114M01-58069 | Course Cost: $189

Easy and Fun 3D Printing

Watch your ideas come to life through 3D Printing! Join us to learn about 3D printing technologies and how they are used. Discover different materials and print settings, slicing software and gcoding and modifying existing designs to create your own designs from scratch. Students will be introduced to the software tinkercad, solidworks, and autocad for 3d modeling revision and design as well as open source model sharing websites such as “thingiverse” and “Grabcad”. Take home samples of your work to show your family and friends!

add to cartMon-Fri, July 22-26, 12:30-4pm | Grades 9-12 | Littleton Campus
YTHC 1115M01-58070 | Course Cost: $204*

*Tuition: $189 + Material Fee: $15