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Basic iPhone Photography and Editing

Discover how to make your photos come alive without leaving your iPhone! Discover how to take effective photos with your iPhone and to adjust them on your device. Use only free apps (Instagram, etc.) and the phone’s built-in camera program to take, edit, and create incredible photos.

Mon, Apr 4, 6:30-9 p.m.                                   Littleton Campus
ARCR 1091S01-82062 Add to Cart                                     $69


Get the Best Features for Photography and Video on Your Smartphone

Jan Golden
Get the most out of the amazing camera you carry with you in your smartphone! Review the basics to take great photos and videos, including how to get the best results in difficult situations. Learn to edit and repair photos, resize photos, and create amazing photo effects right on your phone. Jan has learned the secrets for these free apps. Bring your tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android) for hands-on assistance.

Wed, Apr 27, 6-9 p.m.                                      Littleton Campus
COMP 1026S01-82063 Add to Cart                                     $69


Beginning Digital Photography

Bob Montgomery/Eli Vega
Focus on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO and exposure. Discover composition principles to create better photographs. Bring camera and owner’s manual. Designed for 35MM and digital camera users new to photography. Camera must have an adjustable aperture and shutter speed. The four-week class will include field practice.

Mon, Apr 4-18, 6-8:45 p.m., 3 wks                       Parker Campus
ARCR 1132SP1-80372 Add to Cart              $99, $3 material fee to instructor (Montgomery)

Thu, May 5-26, 6-8:30 p.m., 4 wks                    Littleton Campus
ARCR 1132S01-80373 Add to Cart             $119, $3 material fee to instructor (Staff)


How to Make Money with Your Photography in Your Spare Time

Eli Vega
Learn to market your photos to meet buyers’ needs, find and contact potential buyers, establish your prices, protect your creative rights, and more. Make extra money with your photography in your spare time.

Wed, Mar 16-30, 6-8:45 p.m., 3 wks                      Littleton Campus closed
ARCR 1152W01-80139 Add to Cart              $99, $3 material fee to instructor


Photography with a Right Brain Approach

Eli Vega
Discover new ways of seeing. This fun and interactive course goes beyond f/stops and other basics. Learn the creative aesthetics side of photography, using right brain principles to create the best photo images. Learn new concepts and paradigms to create unique photographs.

Tue, Mar 15-29, 6-8:45 p.m., 3 wks                            Littleton Campus
ARCR 1154W01-81687 Add to Cart                  $99, $3 material fee to instructor


Check out this Photoshop tutorial from Amy Folkestad!

Photoshop Elements Basics

Amy Folkestad

Learn how to organize your images and especially, how to enhance and fix your digital photos.  Bring your laptop (PC or Mac) loaded with Elements 11 or 12 as well as images that you would like to use.  During the first week, learn how to manage your photos and practice using the basic editing tools to improve your images.  The second week covers layers, how to create artistic affects, how to take out unwanted objects (like that pesky pedestrian in your family photo), how to move or add people to a photo, and other practical editing skills. Check out Amy's work.

Tue, Apr 12-19, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks                          Littleton Campus
ARCR 1145S01-80376 Add to Cart                                         $109

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Tips and Tricks

Amy Folkestad
Learn how to organize your vast collection of images, including creating collections, adding keyword tags, and filtering images based on various metadata (file size, date, location, camera type, etc.). Develop singular images or batches of images using image quality control tools. Discover how to export image files with parameters, such as specified file sizes or groups of images to prepare for clients. Create professional print layouts, add watermarks, create slideshows, and make photo books. Take this class for fun to improve your own images, or use it as a way to expand or start a business. Bring your laptop (PC or Mac) loaded with Lightroom 3 or newer, as well as images that you can work with.

Tue, Apr 26-May 3, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks                      Littleton Campus closed
ARCR 1144S01-80845 Add to Cart                                            $109


Fun! Fast! Convenient! Great Content! Get a Certificate! All these courses are conducted online. Click on the class links below or visit our online section  to see how easy and fun online learning can be.

Section Numbers

  • S01   Apr 13
  • S02.  May 18
  • M01. June 15

To register for online courses, follow the specific class link and click on 'enroll now.'

Discover Digital PhotographyONLI 1021$119
Travel Photography for the Digital PhotographerONLI 1070$119
Secrets of Better Photography ONLI 1248$119
Introduction to Digital ScrapbookingONLI 2089$119
Photoshop Elements 12 for the Digital Photographer IONLI 1027$119
Photoshop Elements 12 for the Digital Photographer IIONLI 1030$119
Intermediate Flash CS6ONLI 1037$119
Introduction to Photoshop  CS5ONLI 2207$119
Intermediate Photoshop CS5ONLI 1040$119
Introduction to Photoshop CS6 ONLI 1198$119
Photoshop CS6 for the Digital PhotographerONLI 1220$119
Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer II ONLI 1198$119
Intermediate Photoshop CS6 ONLI 2069$119
Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer  ONLI 2058$119
Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer IIONLI 2059$119
Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer IONLI 2065$119
Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer IIONLI 1068$119
Introduction to Lightroom 5ONLI 1069$119
Mastering Your Digital SLR CameraONLI 1099$119
Introduction to Lightroom 4ONLI 2221$119