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Fitness for Your Brain: Get Going Now!

Discover a series of physical and mental activities that enhance learning ability and memory. They are easy and enjoyable and produce rapid and often dramatic improvement in concentration, reading, writing, memory, organizing, listening, physical coordination and more. These activities build neural pathways in the brain the way nature does-through movement. Discover why parents, students, teachers, athletes, seniors and business professionals use these techniques for a few minutes every day to enhance performance.

Wed, June 22, 6:30-9:30 p.m.                   Littleton Campus
PERS 1023M01-59545 Add to Cart           $69 $5 material fee to instructor


Ten Must-Have Conversations for Couples Considering Retirement

Lynette Reiling
As a couple, communication is essential when it comes to successful retirement planning, yet many couples bypass important conversations until they are in the heat of an issue.  This class will introduce couples to the important conversations needed as they begin thinking about and creating their life together in retirement.  This class is appropriate for any two people that are planning on living their lives together in the phase we call “retirement.”

Thu, June 16, 6-9 p.m.                                      Littleton Campus
PERS 1095M01-59544 Add to Cart               $59/couple, $5 material fee to instructor


Genealogy 101: An Introduction to Finding your Roots 

Bert Paredes
Discover effective techniques for researching your family tree. Explore the best collections of free online data and local resources. Discuss the US census, the right software, and other tools to help you organize and preserve your information. Connect with others who have the same research interests and can provide invaluable assistance in your searches.

Sat, Aug 6, 9-noon                                  Littleton Campus
PERS 1057M01-59002
Add to Cart            $59, $3 material fee to instructor


Fun! Fast! Convenient! Great Content! Get a Certificate! Ask us how to try the first lesson of a course for FREE! All these courses are conducted online. For more information, click on the class links below or visit our online section to see how easy and fun online learning can be.

Section Numbers Chart:

  • S02.  May 18
  • M01. June 15
  • M02  July 30
  • M03  Aug 17

To register for online courses, follow the specific class link and click on 'enroll now.'

Introduction to AlgebraONLI 1067$119
Math RefresherONLI 1146$119
Medical MathONLI 2215$119
Mastering Public SpeakingONLI 1135$119
Keys to Effective CommunicationONLI 1142$119
Interpersonal CommunicationONLI 1143$119
Achieving Success with Difficult PeopleONLI 1092$119
Merrill Ream Speed ReadingONLI 1121$119
Genealogy Basics ONLI 1159$119
Get Funny!  ONLI 1165$119
Listen to Your heart, and Success will Follow   ONLI 1171$119
Skills for Making Great Decisions ONLI 1188$119
Navigating Divorce ONLI 1247$119
Managing Life as a Single ParentONLI 2091$119
Romance WritingONLI 1046$119
Certificate in Stress ManagementONLI 1085$84


Earn a High School Diploma

Community Education, in cooperation with ed2go, the industry leader in online continuing education, has partnered with Smart Horizons Career Online High School to offer adults seeking secondary education completion a new and dynamic way to obtain a fully-accredited online high school diploma. It's an affordable, flexible, and convenient way to learn at your own pace and prepare for a career!

Through this partnership, adults who have not earned a high school diploma can receive a high-quality education completely online from an accredited high school. In addition to earning their diploma, students will also receive career training in one of six areas.

In addition to traditional high school courses, you can select from the following career paths to receive additional training.

Choose a Career Path that is Right for You:

Career Support:

  • Academic and career coaching
  • Certified instructors offer academic support
  • Career Portfolio to give you the tools you need to find a job

It’s never too late to complete your education, enroll today! Cost is $1,295 for 750 hours of instruction. Payment plans available.

Contact us for more information: 303.797.5722