Music -Vocal and Instrumental

ACC Classical Ensemble

Tessa Hildebrand
Develop chamber music techniques while exploring various periods of the genre. Open to string and wind players ages 12 to adult. Must have three years of experience playing an instrument and read music comfortably. End of term performance anticipated August 6, 2017. 

add to cartTue/Thu, May 30-Aug 3, 6-7:30 p.m., 10 wks      Littleton Campus
ARHU 2017M01-59823                                        $149

Private Instrument and Voice Lessons

For all levels and abilities of aspiring musicians over age 8. Receive 10 half-hour private lessons over 10 weeks set up to meet your schedule. When registering, specify the string, woodwind, trumpet, or guitar instrument. Refunds will not be given for missed lessons. Lessons meet between May 30-August 7 as established between you and the instructor.

When registering, please specify the string, woodwind or guitar instrument. Refunds will not be given for missed lessons.

Piano add to cart  ARHU 1020M01-58110
Strings add to cart  ARHU 1021M01-58111
Woodwinds add to cart  ARHU 1022M01-58112
Drums add to cart  ARHU 1024M01-58114
Voice add to cart  ARHU 1025M01-58115
Guitar (all types) add to cart  ARHU 1027M01-58116
Brass add to cart  ARHU 1023M01-59238

Lessons are held on the Littleton ACC Campus. Your instructor will tell you the room.
Cost is $269 for 10 thirty
-minute lessons.


Work at your own pace! Try an online class. Great information for a great value! Click on the class links below or visit our online section  to see how easy and fun online learning can be.

Music Made Easy          ONLI 1124     $119
Introduction to Guitar    ONLI 2222     $119