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Home Buyer Basics

Judy Browne
Learn about the home buying process from start to finish. Start with a review of the current Colorado real estate market and cover a variety of topics, such as: describing your new home, choosing a real estate broker, what to look for when viewing homes, negotiating with sellers, understanding the home inspection process, understanding real estate contracts and forms, and knowing what to expect throughout the process.  Leave the class with the information you need to be an informed home buyer!

Sat, June 24, 10 a.m.-noon                     Littleton Campus
INDS 1001M02-59794                $25/individual closed
INDS 1001M29-59796
            $25/couples closed

What You Need to Know to Sell Your Home

Judy Browne
Learn the step by step process to follow when selling your home.  Review pricing strategies, what it costs to sell a home, recommendations for getting your home ready to sell, how to work with buyers and negotiating techniques. We will also review Colorado Real Estate Contracts and forms.  Each student will be offered a free comparative market analysis of their home at the conclusion of the class.

Thu, May 18, 6-8 p.m.                     Littleton Campus
INDS 1002S02-82441                        $25 closed

Thu, June 15, 6-8 p.m.                      Littleton Campus
INDS 1002M01-59799           $25/individuals closed

INDS 1002M99-59801           $25/couples closed

Sat, June 24, 1-3 p.m.              Littleton Campus
add to cartINDS 1002M02-59802          $25/individuals
add to cartINDS 1002M29-59804


Basic Electricity for the Homeowner

Gary Troutman
Learn what electricity is and how to handle it safely. Learn why fuses “blow” and when it is safe to work on an electrical circuit. Learn how electricity is generated and distributed, and how it flows throughout your house. Understand the differences between voltage, current, power and energy, and how each is measured. Understand the difference between the current provided by the power company and that delivered by your car battery. Build a simple circuit and perform simple measurements as well as other activities you can do in your home.

Tue, May 2-9, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks                     Littleton Campus
INDS 1029S01-82054   closed          $79, $20 material fee to instructor

add to cartTue, July 11-18, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks                Littleton Campus
INDS 1029M01-59787                     $79, $20 material fee to instructor


Welding for Homeowners

Household projects got you stumped? Learn basic metalworking and fabrication skills by turning household project ideas into 3-D realities. Spend the first part of the class learning shop and tool safety through an assigned project. Project includes basic metal fabrication techniques: MIG welding, grinders, oxy-acetylene/plasma torch, and the use of a shear. Classes held at Emily Griffith Technical College, 1205 Osage, Denver. No class November 25.

Fri, May 19-June 23, 3-6 p.m., 6 wks                            EGTC-Osage
ARCR 1214M01-59827                                              $349 closed


Discover Basic Interior Decorating

Pam Smith
Discover ways to spruce up your home and give it that designer look. Learn design fundamentals and how to apply those to your home. Explore color, paint, accessories, lighting, and window treatments, Create your own scaled floor plan with furniture placement. Discover cost effective ways to create the look you love.

add to cartThu, July 20-Aug 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m., 3 wks    Littleton Campus
INDS 1009M01-59502                          $99, $15 material fee to instructor



Earn a certificate in Floral Design Principles after you successfully complete the following series of courses, or you may take classes individually. You will have one year from initial registration to complete the program. A minimum number of students is required for each class. Classes focus on fresh flower arranging and are taught by Crystal Oleskevich, who owns her own floral business. Your instructor will submit your documentation for certification once you've complete all four of the required courses. Students have one year from the first class in the series to complete the certification. Certificates are issued by Arapahoe Community College and mailed to the address on file from your class registration. 

Introduction to Floral Design Principles Demonstration

Explore how to put flowers together using proven design principles. Get tips on purchasing fresh flowers and caring for flowers from your garden. Discuss the right tools and their care to create beautiful designs in this demonstration class.

Wed, June 14, 6-9 p.m.                                   Littleton Campus
HRTC 1013M01-59806                                    $69 closed

Concepts and Containers

Learn to create arrangements. Discuss styles including traditional, contemporary, oriental, funky, seasonal and special events. Explore color, focal point, pop, texture, volume and size. Make an arrangement to take home, container provided. *Registration deadline June 14.

Wed, June 21, 6-9 p.m.                                   Littleton Campus
HRTC 1033M02-59808    $69, $25 material fee to instructor closed

Creating Style, Shape and Color

Learn to utilize shape and color to create a stylish arrangement for any occasion. Bring your own favorite vase or container and make an arrangement to take home. *Registration deadline June 21.

Wed, June 28, 6-9 p.m.                             Littleton Campus
HRTC 1034M01-59809    $69, $25 material fee to instructor closed

Arrangement Workshop and Critique        

The culminating workshop brings your flower arranging skills together.  Make an arrangement to take home. *Registration deadline June 28.

Wed, July 5, 6-9 p.m.                                    Littleton Campus
HRTC 1035M01-59812      $69, $25 material fee to instructor closed


Growing Plants for Fun and Profit

Michael and Linda Harlan
Turn your love of plants into an enjoyable and profitable home business. Learn how to grow and market plants on a small scale without major capital investment. In an area as small as 1000 sq. ft., you can generate thousands of dollars worth of plant material in a single growing season. This course is your practical guide to licensing, site preparation, equipment, how and where to find supplies, how to select and produce plants appropriate to your climate zone, how to produce quality material and, most importantly, how to market your product.

This is a 6-week online class which begins the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information, to register and pay, go to arapahoe.edu/communityed and follow the online links. Cost is $119 for 24 hours of instruction.


Fun! Fast! Convenient! Great Content! Get a Certificate! All these courses are conducted online. Click on the class links below or visit our online section to see how easy and fun online learning can be.

Section Numbers

  • S03 May 17
  • M01 June 14
  • M02 July 12
  • M03 August 16

To register for online courses, follow the specific class link and click on 'enroll now.'

Start Your Own Edible Garden             ONLI 1047      $119
Growing Plants for Fun and Profit       ONLI 2062      $119
Introduction to Interior Design             ONLI 2203      $119


Check out these online training programs in the Green Industry. All coursework is completed online for your convenience.

Certified Air Quality Manager  ONLI 2240 $1,125
Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE)   ONLI 2241 $1,325
Weatherization Energy Auditor  ONLI 2242 $1,145
Building/Home Energy Analyst (HERS)  ONLI 2243 $1,145

Several of the courses are open-entry. Courses with a firm start date are indicated with the course description. For more information and technical requirements, go to our knowledge base webpage.