Equine Training

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Gain academic, technical, and professional skills while learning to establish safe, trusting, and responsive relationships with horses. Based on your interests, courses may be taken individually or as a series culminating in a non-credit professional certificate.

Damian Ficca, the lead instructor, is a Denver native who has worked horses throughout the western United States. He is one of a select group of individuals who specialize in traditional western training, with roots in the Spanish California and Nevada horse training methods.

Horse Training and Horsemanship Lab

Gain hands-on practice in the skills and methods for ground handling babies, yearlings and older horses; green broke training; retraining and finishing horses. Students must complete an average of 10 hours of lab work and 4 hours of independent study weekly. *Days and times scheduled with the instructor. Sessions held at barns throughout the region

Jan 11-Apr 13*                           Locations arranged with instructor
HRSM1010W01-81735 Add to Cart                                                  $399

Equine Special Topics

Presentations and guest speakers on a variety of topics related to horsemanship, horse training, health care, hoof care, nutrition, and management will be offered. Course covers seasonal as well as timely topics.

Tue, Jan 12-Apr 12, 6-7:30 p.m., 14 wks          Littleton Campus
HRSM1002W01-81734 Add to Cart                                                  $199

Equine Management I: Behavior

Focusing on the basic relationship between the behavior of the horse and that of the trainer, explore aspects of senses, body language, instincts, and communication.*No class Jan 18.

Mon/Wed, Jan 11-Feb 29*, 6-7:30 p.m., 7 wks    Littleton Campus   new time
HRSM 1013W01-81971 Add to Cart                                                 $199

Equine Management II: Facility

Explore the management of an equine facility.  You will put together and present your plan for a barn and outside training arena for various types of sites.  You will focus on barn design, fencing, heating and cooling, feed storage and water management as well as the business and financial concerns.  *Class begins Wed, Mar 2.

Mon/Wed, Mar 2-Apr 18*, 7:45-9:15 p.m., 7 wks       Littleton Campus
HRSM 2013W01-81972 Add to Cart                                                 $199

Equine Industry and Careers

Discover the process of creating a career in equine management.  Students will learn how to build on their past and current experiences to create credibility and trust with employers and clients. You will learn skills in resume writing, career change and opportunities as well as current industry information. If you are planning to start your own business you will learn about financing and the creation of a business plan. *Class begins Wed, Mar 2.

Mon/Wed, Mar 2-Apr 18*, 6-7:30 p.m., 7 wks        Littleton Campus   
HRSM 1001W01-81973 Add to Cart                                                 $199

Public Speaking and Communication

Learn to communicate with clients in a professional and confident manner. Topics include presentation outline, research and content as well as techniques of investigative listening in order to meet client needs and expectations. Practice of public speaking, audience response and group discussion will be conducted. *No class Jan 18.

Mon/Wed, Jan 11-Feb 29*, 7:45-9:15  p.m., 7 wks    Littleton Campus  new time
HRSM 1004W01-81974 Add to Cart                                                 $199

Equine Internships

Gain professional experience in equine training and management through internships in the equine industry. Instructor approves placements and works closely with intern and sponsor. *Days and times scheduled with the instructor


  • HRSM 1009W01-81736*      20 hours a week  $499
  • HRSM 1009W02-81737*     30 hours a week  $599
  • HRSM 1009W03-81738*    40 hours a week  $699


  • HRSM 1009S01-81820*     20 hours a week  $499
  • HRSM 1009S02-81821*     30 hours a week  $599
  • HRSM 1009S03-81822*    40 hours a week  $699


  • HRSM1009F01-69089* Add to Cart    20 hours a week   $499
  • HRSM1009F02-69090* Add to Cart    30 hours a week   $599
  • HRSM1009F03-69091* Add to Cart    40 hours a week   $699