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How to Get Started in Game Development

Chad Walker
There’s never been a better time to start a career in the game development industry. Industry forecasts indicate that gaming will be worth close to $100 billion dollars in the next two years. Whether you want to start your own indie game project in your basement or work with a small creative team or for a large game development studio, this course will prepare you to start developing your own games. Begin by learning the fundamentals of game development and get an overview of game genres, platforms, and audiences. Next, learn tools and techniques to help you make better design decisions and achieve greater efficiencies as you develop your own games. Discover why many games fail and how to ensure your games are positioned for success. Finally, go behind the scenes of the game design industry to see how it started and where it’s headed.

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

Chris Minnick
Do you want to make mobile apps that run on iPhone, iPad and Android phones? Sure you do! Do you want to learn five different programming languages? Of course you don’t! Fortunately, you’re about to discover a better way to build apps. In this course, you’ll learn how to imagine, design, build, and optimize a cross-platform mobile app using the very latest HTML5 standards. The result will be a mobile app that’s fast and runs on just about any smartphone or tablet computer.

These classes are held for 6-weeks online beginning the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information, to register and pay, visit Ed2Go's website. Cost is $119 for 24 hours of instruction.


Get the Most from Your Android Devices Hands-on

Jon Rager
Bring your device (tablet, smartphone) and get the assistance you need to use your electronic tool to the fullest! Learn to navigate your device, discover the world of apps for navigation, entertainment, work productivity, photography, and more. Explore security and safety features to keep your data safe. Learn to network your device and even talk to your computer.

Add to CartTue/Thu, June 20-29, 6-8 p.m., 2 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP 1040M01-59511                                    $109

Add to CartTue/Thu, July 25-Aug 3, 6-8 p.m., 2 wks          Parker Campus
COMP 1040MP1-59750                                    $109

Add to CartTue/Thu, Aug 8-17, 6-8 p.m., 2 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP 1040M02-59751                                    $109


Get the Most from Your Apple iOS Devices Hands-on

Steve Sande
Get the personal assistance you need! Through hands-on interaction with an Apple expert and author, discover the features of your mobile iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone devices. Explore: settings, browsers, email, and network connectivity; Apple apps, iLife and iWork apps suites; the App Store, buying apps, music, movies, books and TV shows; using an iOS device instead of a regular PC;  photo and video fun, and more. No experience is necessary. Bring your tablet computer or smartphone.

Add to CartThu, May 4-June 1, 6-8 p.m., 5 wks               Littleton Campus
COMP 1025S01-80931                                      $119


Computer Basics for Laptops and Desktop Devices

Jon Rager
For those with limited knowledge of the computer, learn basic functions and get more comfortable with the device. Explore computer terminology, major operating systems and applications, processor speeds, RAM, and understand hard drives and other topics. Practice keyboard and mouse skills and create a document.

Add to CartTue/Thu, July 18-20, 6-9 p.m., 1 wk          Littleton Campus
COMP 1001M01-59515                   $119, includes manual


Explore Windows Hands-on

Lynette LoSasso
Bring your own Windows devices or use ours (Windows 10) and explore this operating system. Organize and navigate through information on your device and learn about the file management system. Learn how to log on and discover tools and programs installed as well as helpful ones to consider. Discuss how to keep your device secure with Access Control and Defender and how to troubleshoot potential issues.

Add to CartFri, June 23-30, 9 a.m.-12 p.m., 2 wks                  Littleton Campus
COMP 1012M01-59396                         $179, includes manual


Email Basics

Lynette LoSasso
Explore the basic email providers such as gmail, outlook, and yahoo and learn the basics of sending and receiving emails. Discover how to create and manage contact lists, attach and download files and understand how to organize email into folders. Get the most out of using email as a form of communication to keep in touch with loved ones anywhere. Discuss some basic email security dos and don’ts.

Add to CartFri, July 14-21, 9 a.m.-12 p.m., 2 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP1003M01-59752                 $79, includes handouts



These are 6-week online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information, and to register and pay, click on the course title. These classes are $119 for 24 hours of instruction.

Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6

Robert Fuller
Begin the course by touring the Dreamweaver workspace and configuring it for your specific site-management needs. Learn how to use Dreamweaver’s intuitive tool set to structure text, and investigate the myriad formatting options CSS provides. Along the way, you’ll work with images, build navigation elements, discuss effective layout methods, learn where and when to use tables, and examine successful site planning strategies. By the end of the course, you’ll have successfully built a website and know how to use Dreamweaver’s built-in FTP tools to upload to the server of your choice.

Introduction to Photoshop CC

Sherry London
Learn how to use Photoshop while accessing it from the Creative Cloud (CC). Follow detailed, step-by-step instructions that you’ll have no trouble following—even if you’ve never used a computer graphics program before!  Begin with an introduction to the Photoshop environment. Next, learn how to create simple digital paintings (including some brushes that let you create the look of an oil painting from a photo). Then edit your own photographs to get rid of dust and scratches, fix the color, and correct image exposure. Finally, master techniques for switching the backgrounds on images and removing wrinkles and blemishes from photos, just like they do in magazines. By the time you finish this fun, hands-on, project-oriented course, you’ll be well on your way to expressing yourself with the most exciting graphics program ever developed.

Introduction to InDesign CC

Donna Baker
Have you ever seen a terrific-looking brochure or newsletter and wondered how it was made? Chances are the designer used Adobe InDesign CC, the industry-standard desktop publishing software now available through the Creative Cloud. The course is applicable to any version of InDesign CS4 or newer. Lesson by lesson, discover how the program features relate to producing actual usable documents as we explore the best ways to create different types of material, how to reuse items such as colors and artwork, and how to produce publications for different page sizes and devices. Come away knowing how to use this popular page layout software to design and create professional-quality letterhead, business cards, brochures, forms, interactive PDF files, an eBook, and more. You don’t have to be a designer or an artist to produce professional quality documents!


Special note: Bring a flash drive with you to any of these classes if you want to save your work for computer application courses. For all day-long computer classes, there will be a lunch break, generally from 11:45-12:45.


These are 6-week online classes which begins the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information, and to register and pay, visit our online programs website. These classes are $119 for 24 hours of instruction.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Master the basics of the word processor PC Magazine ranked as one of the “strongest and most intelligent programs ever written.” By the time you’re done with the step-by-step lessons and hands-on activities in this course, you’ll be able to use Word confidently at home or on the job. Create, edit and save documents; explore cut, copy, paste and delete text word commands. Practice formatting and paragraph features, bullets and numbered lists; check grammar and spelling; and use the thesaurus.

Intermediate Microsoft Word

Explore styles, section breaks, and columns and how to format tables. Use graphics, draw and edit shapes, and create text boxes. Learn how to print out labels, form letters, creating indexes, and envelopes. Learn to insert different types of graphics in a document including digital photographs from your own camera, clip art images provided by Microsoft, and different types of charts such as bar, line, or pie charts.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Word or equivalent knowledge.


Successfully complete all three classes and receive a Microsoft Excel Training Certificate and receive 1.8 CEUs. You may also take individual classes.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016

Enter and edit information. Create and copy simple formulas and functions. Use Cut/Copy/Paste and Drag and Drop to duplicate or reorganize data. Apply borders, shading and other formats. Sort and graph your data. Prerequisite: Windows knowledge.

Add to CartFri, May 5, 9-4 p.m.                          Parker Campus
COMP 1007SP1-80523                $179, includes manual

Add to CartFri, July 14, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                 Littleton Campus
COMP 1007M01-58195                $179, includes manual

Add to CartWed, July 12-19, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks Littleton Campus
COMP 1007M02-59753                $179, includes manual

Add to CartFri, Aug 4, 9-4 p.m.                          Parker Campus
COMP 1007MP1-59512                $179, includes manual

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016

Work with multiple and large workbooks. Enter a 3D formula. Learn about outlines, subtotals, tables, and lists. Apply names to ranges. Practice advanced graphing techniques. Prerequisite: Introduction to Excel or equivalent knowledge. *The COMP1008W01-80200 class will not have class on Feb. 14.

Add to CartFri, May 12, 9-4 p.m.                                 Parker Campus
COMP 1008SP1-80526                $179, includes manual

Add to CartFri, July 21, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., 2 wks     Littleton Campus
COMP 1008M01-58197               $179, includes manual

Add to CartWed, July 26-Aug 2, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks     Littleton Campus
COMP 1008M02-59754               $179, includes manual

Add to CartFri, Aug 11, 9-4 p.m.                                 Parker Campus
COMP 1008MP1-59513               $179, includes manual

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016

Create and use pivot tables and charts; lookup functions and multiple workbook techniques; create and edit macros and customize toolbars. Prerequisite: Intermediate Excel or equivalent knowledge.

Add to CartFri, May 19, 9-4 p.m.                                 Parker Campus
COMP 1009SP1-82313      $179, includes manual closed

Add to CartFri, July 28, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., 2 wks      Littleton Campus
COMP 1009M01-59756               $179, includes manual

Add to CartWed, Aug 9-16, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks      Littleton Campus
COMP 1009M02-59757                $179, includes manual

Add to CartFri, Aug 18, 9-4 p.m.                                 Parker Campus
COMP 1009MP1-59758                $179, includes manual


Successfully complete all three classes and receive a Microsoft Access Training Certificate and receive 1.8 CEUs.

These are 6-week online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For more information, and to register and pay, click on the course title. These classes are $129 for 24 hours of instruction.

Introduction to Microsoft Access

Take control of your data! In this course, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Microsoft Access to organize, store, edit, manage, and report on hundreds of thousands of records. Start with the basics of database concepts and structure. Build and customize tables to store data. Learn about relational databases, and see how you can use them to build forms, generate reports, and search for data with queries across thousands of records in hundreds of tables—often with just a few clicks of your mouse! Discover how to use macros to automate repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency.

Intermediate Microsoft Access

Take your skills to the next level. Build an entire database project from scratch. Track customer and order information. Using action queries, add and update key fields that allow you to build relationships among the tables. Master the steps for building complex yet easy-to-use forms to manage table data.  Build crosstab and summary queries so you can access information quickly and easily. Examine how to build reports using conditional formatting to highlight key data points, and explore Visual Basic, a powerful programming language that allows you to automate simple and complex tasks. Build a navigation form to make it easy for your users to find what they need.


Fun! Fast! Convenient! Great Content! Get a Certificate! Ask us how to try the first lesson of a course for FREE! All these courses are conducted online. For more information visit our online class section to see how easy online learning can be.

To register for online courses, follow the specific class link and click on 'enroll now.'


We offer all MS Office application classes for versions 2007-2015 online. Go to our online class section and follow the links to ed2go.


Keyboarding    ONLI 1022 $119
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting ONLI 1214 $119
Introduction to Windows 8 ONLI 1177 $119
Introduction to Windows 10 ONLI 2029 $119
Introduction to Programming ONLI 1093 $119
Introduction to Visual Basic ONLI 1026 $119
Introduction to Java Programming ONLI 1042 $119
Intermediate Java Programming ONLI 1213 $119
Introduction to C# Programming ONLI 1043 $119
Intermediate C# Programming ONLI 1044 $119
Introduction to C++ Programming ONLI 1226 $119
Introduction to Python 2.5 Programming ONLI 1197 $119
Introduction to Python 3 Programming ONLI 1203 $119
CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep 2 ONLI 1250 $139
Advanced CompTIA A+ Certification Prep ONLI 2046 $139
Basic Comp TIA A+ Certification Prep ONLI 2047 $139
CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep  ONLI 2048 $139
CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep ONLI 2049 $139
Intermediate CompTIA A+ Certification Prep ONLI 2050 $139
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML 5 ONLI 2103 $119
Introduction to Networking  ONLI 1215 $119
Intermediate Networking  ONLI 1216 $119
Wireless Networking  ONLI 1217 $119
Introduction to PC Security    ONLI 1056 $119
Advanced PC Security  ONLI 1057 $119
Introduction to Database Development ONLI 1075 $119
Introduction to SQL  ONLI 1223 $119
Intermediate SQL ONLI 1038 $119
Introduction to Oracle ONLI 1224 $119
Intermediate Oracle ONLI 1225 $119