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Go Green Training Courses

Get training now in the hot new career field of green energy!

Online High School

Earn your high school diploma-online!

Online Spanish and Other Languages for Professionals

Get a step ahead of the competition and learn key phrases to work with Spanish speaking population within your profession or enjoy learning other languages.

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Technical requirements 

  • Internet access
  • email account
  • Internet Explorer or other browser
  • Other downloads or purchase of software may be required for some courses

Instructor contact

  • completed electronically during the length of the course
  • web-based instructional discussion areas for instructor and student interaction

Targeted Career Training Programs

Get trained in a new career through our online training partners. Everything necessary for your selected area of study is included in the registration fee, including access to your instructor and books. You will receive a Certificate of Completion once you successfully complete all required coursework. Career counselors are also available to help you prepare for the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Payment plans are available for this program. Look what we have to offer in these topic areas:

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