Arapahoe Community College

2016-2017 Catalog

Architectural Engineering AAS

Associate of Applied Science

CIP 150101 (ARC2/ARC3)

The Associates of Applied Science of Architectural Engineering at Arapahoe Community College offers two concentrations:

  • Pre-Architectural Engineering - For students interested in licensure and continuing their education
  • Architectural Engineering Technician - For students wishing to enter the profession upon graduation from this program

Students will be introduced to a wide range of architectural and construction topics such as design and modeling concepts, structural analysis, building service systems, and sustainability.

The Architectural Engineering degree provides a foundation for transfer to university or, in combination with out internship and certificate programs, will help facilitate entry into or continuing education for

the profession.

See below for further explanation of each concentration.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to Arapahoe Community College

Program Requirements

General Education Courses

(18 credit hours)

ENG 121

English Composition I (GT-CO1)


MAT 121

College Algebra (GT-MA1)


MAT 122

College Trigonometry (GT-MA1)


COM 115

Public Speaking


PHY 111

Physics: Algebra-Based I with Lab: GT-SC1


Major Courses

(31 credit hours)

AEC 107

Print Reading Residential/Commercial


AEC 110

Architectural Design and Modeling


AEC 116

Building Materials


AEC 204

Architectural Graphics


AEC 206

Applied Structural Analysis


AEC 218

Sustainable Building Systems


AEC 236

International Building Codes


CAD 101

Computer Aided Drafting I


CAD 102

Computer Aided Drafting II


CAD 224

Revit Architecture



(12 credit hours)

Students must choose one of the following Concentrations:

Pre-Architectural Engineering - ARC 2

(12 credits)

The Pre-Architectural Engineering concentration prepares students for entry into university-level education. In addition to the general education and major courses it gives the student flexibility in choosing GT-Pathways courses as electives in order to have a more robust transfer of credits.

Students must choose 12 credit hours min. from the following:


(3 credits)

ENG 122

English Composition II (GT-CO2)


Arts and Humanities

(6 credits)


Select two courses from GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, or GT-AH 4


Social and Behavioral Sciences

(3 credits)


Select one course from GT-SS1, GT-SS2, GT-SS3, GT-SS4, or GT-HI1


Total AAS with Pre-Architectural Engineering

(61 credit hours)

Architectural Engineering Technician - ARC3

(12 credits)

The Architectural Engineering Technician concentration is for students interested in entering the professional work force but is not intended for licensure. Students can find employment as an intern (based on experience, prior education, and personal networking) or start their own consulting business as a drafter, designer, or modeler.

Students must choose 12 credit hours min. from the following:

  • CAD courses
  • AEC courses

Total AAS with Architectural Engineering Technician

(61 credit hours)

Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate, students must apply for graduation and complete the graduation survey (available via myACC). (form available at
  • After applying for graduation, all correspondence to a student about the status of their program conferral will be sent to their student email address only.
  • As a graduate of a Career and Technical Education program you will be contacted by an ACC employee in approximately six months to verify your employment information. This information gathering is a federal requirement to ensure that ACC receives certain federal funding.

2016-2017 Catalog

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