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Academic Programs

General Education

All students receiving degrees from Arapahoe Community College should achieve a general education component to their education. ACC has determined that the following list reflects the expected outcomes of this general education component:

  • Students will demonstrate a college-level ability to read and to communicate effectively through speaking, writing, listening and artistic expression.
  • Students will develop the skills necessary to understand and apply mathematical concepts and reasoning to analyze and interpret various types of data.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, make decisions, think critically and creatively, solve problems effectively and extend knowledge to new environments and situations.
  • Students will use appropriate and current technologies to collect, retrieve, organize and process information from various sources and produce original work in various ways.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge, appreciation and understanding of individual and social responsibility, good citizenship, and diverse cultural customs, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles.
  • Students will develop effective leadership, teamwork, relationship management and conflict resolution skills.

Through its college-wide assessment activities, Arapahoe Community College is constantly working to ensure that its graduates have all of these skills required by the degree program.

Customized Articulation

In addition to our transferable Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, the College has established customized transfer articulation agreements for the following "normal" nontransferable programs. This allows students to transfer directly into public four-year degree programs. Please meet with an Advisor to ensure correct course selection to meet transfer agreement requirements. CCCS articulation agreements can be found at

The Community Colleges of Colorado are approved to offer one Associate of Arts degree, one Associate of Science degree, and one Associate of General Studies degree. All degrees have a generic major of liberal arts. While the Catalog may indicate areas of emphasis for the A.A., A.S. and A.G.S degrees, all official documents and diplomas issued by the College will only indicate the awarding of an A.A., A.S. and A.G.S. degrees, without any indication of an area of emphasis.

Academic Programs

Associate of Applied Science

Associate of Arts AA

Associate of General Studies

Associate of Science AS


Architectural Contracts and Materials Certificate

Architectural Drafting Certificate

Automotive Service Management Certificate

Advanced Automotive Electrical/Electronics Certificate

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Certificate

Broadband Customer Care Certificate

Broadband Customer Care Certificate

Broadband Technology Certificate

Business Administration Certificate

Computer Aided Drafting Certificate

Computer Graphics Certificate

Computer Information Systems Certificate

Computer Network Technology Certificate

Computer Technician Certificate

Construction Management - Estimating Certificate

Contemporary Journalism

Cosmetology Certificate

Criminal Justice- Emergency Dispatch Certificate

Early Childhood Director Certificate

Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Supervisor Certificate

Early Childhood Teacher CDHS Minimal Qualifications Certificate

Early Childhood Teacher Certificate

Emergency Medical Services - EMT Certificate

Emergency Medical Services- EMT Enhanced Certificate

Emergency Medical Services- Paramedic Certificate

Engineering Technologies- Mechanical Drafting Certificate

Foreign Language and Business Certificate

Health and Wellness Certificate

Law Enforcement Academy Certificate

Medical Office Technology Administrative Assistant Certificate

Medical Office Technology Billing and Reimbursement Certificate

Medical Office Technology Medical Assistant Certificate

Mortgage Banking Certificate

Nurse Aide Certificate

Nurse Aide Certification and Eldercare Specialist Certificate

Paralegal Certificate

Personal Training and Fitness Instruction Certificate

Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Phlebotomy Certificate

Practical Nursing Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Residential Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist Certificate

Retail Management Certificate

Sound Engineer Certificate

Web Design Certificate

Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

Great Books Program

Your A.A. or A.S. Degree May Transfer to all Colorado Public 4-Year Colleges and Universities (Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements/Degrees with Designation)