ACC Posting Procedure


AP 14-17

Approved:            May 1996; January 6, 2006
References:        Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504; The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)
Effective:              May 1996
Revised:              March 2002; October 2005
Effective:              April 2002; January 2006

The purpose of this procedure is to promote the dissemination of information to students, staff and faculty and is in no way intended to discriminate, censor or prohibit the free exchange of information within the law and the regulation of the College. Certain guidelines and criteria for posting are made with reference to requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504.

On-campus postings may be located on either the “Public Posting” or “Coming Attractions” bulletin boards. On-campus postings are designated in four categories for the purpose of policy.

  1. Community postings are those made by persons or organizations not affiliated with Arapahoe Community College or its departments.
  2. Collegial postings are those made by persons or organizations affiliated with Arapahoe Community College or its departments and promote on-campus events and activities.
  3. Departmental bulletin boards are maintained by individual departments affiliated with Arapahoe Community College.
  4. Signage is a posting made by persons or organizations affiliated with Arapahoe Community College or its departments that are intended to orient, inform or direct persons entering and moving through the College.

The following procedures apply to the posting and dissemination of materials in all areas of Arapahoe Community College.

  1. Posting or affixing materials such as pamphlets, banners, handbills, posters or flyers anywhere on College property and grounds is prohibited, except as authorized by the College's approved posting policy. Affixing material to motor vehicles parked on College property is prohibited.
  2. Distribution of materials such as pamphlets, handbills, newspapers or flyers by individuals is prohibited, except in those areas designated as distribution points on College property. Distribution may not interfere with the proper and orderly operation of the College.
  3. All collegial postings must be date stamped by the Office of Student Affairs prior to placement on bulletin boards.
  4. Prior approval is not required for community postings. Community postings may only be placed at designated distribution points. Collegial postings should not be placed on Community Boards.
  5. All materials to be posted and/or disseminated must list the name and telephone number of the sponsoring group or person.
  6. Materials to be posted and/or disseminated may not indicate the College's endorsement of a partisan, political, sectarian or religious position.
  7. Collegial postings should adhere to the standards delineated in the Americans with Disabilities Act and shall contain an accommodation statement along with the appropriate icons.
  8. Collegial postings should follow recommendations found in the ACC Style Guide & Graphic Standards Manual.
  9. Unapproved materials will be removed from posting boards.
  10. The College is not responsible for loss, damage or return of posted materials.
  11. Materials to be posted are to be attached by masking/scotch tape, staples or tacks and must be attached in such a manner as not to damage or deface College property. Persons or groups who post materials that damage or deface College property shall be responsible for damages.
  12. No posters or printed materials shall be placed over other posters nor shall already affixed posters be unnecessarily moved.
  13. Only one copy of a poster or other printed material is allowed per bulletin board.
  14. Bulletin boards designated for campus information or upcoming events may only be used by organizations or departments officially affiliated with Arapahoe Community College. Community information bulletin boards, those designated as Public Posting, may only be used by organizations that are not affiliated with the College.
  15. Prior approval must be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs before materials may be hung or affixed within restrooms.
  16. Posted materials shall not exceed 11" by 17" for campus information or 8” by 14” for community information. Banners may not exceed 16' by 10'.
  17. Bulletin boards designated as community information, campus information, Coming Attractions, or Public Posting may not be claimed by a single organization or department.
  18. Distribution of newspapers or magazines must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs. Approved newspapers or magazines are allowed only in designated bins.
  19. Posted materials must be removed or taken down by the sponsoring group within 24 hours of the date listed on the materials.
  20. Off-campus housing, textbook sales/requests and tutoring services/requests may be placed only on the designated bulletin boards in the first floor main entrance using the advertising cards provided by the Office of Student Affairs. Advertising cards will be removed by the Office of Student Affairs after one month of being posted.
  21. Freestanding materials should not be placed within the path of travel and should allow sufficient room for persons with disabilities and other impairments to navigate safely. ACC class schedule, catalog racks and freestanding kiosks are allowed only in designated areas. Special permission may be granted through the Dean of Student Services or designee for use of freestanding signage under unique circumstances.
  22. The Office of Student Affairs is designated to remove materials that do not conform to the above procedures.
  23. All community postings shall be cleared on the final Friday of each month and all other postings will be completely cleared at the end of each semester by the Office of Student Affairs. Bulletin boards may be cleared more frequently if they become too cluttered.
  24. Failure by sponsoring individuals, groups or organizations to comply with these procedures may result in posting privileges being revoked by the Office of Student Affairs.