Sustainability Club

Conserve More! We take a pro-active approach to lessening our detrimental effect of the natural systems that support us. Through educating ourselves and others about the things we can do to alter our lifestyles to not only stop hurting but actually start to revitalize our earth today, we can create a better tomorrow. We feel a need to be contributing members. By gaining an education or degree we help develop ourselves, but we feel the circle is not complete. Improving our community along side ourselves is imperative to truly get the full experience of this opportunity of ACC. Our world is changing at an ever increasing rate. We see the effects of change all around in the news, our communities and in our governments.

We built a Community Garden. Located on the south side by the Automotive Department, we created a space where students, staff and the community came together and work for the common need of food. Check out our photos!

You are invited to a Sustainability Discussion Seminar!

We will be reading brief chapters and following a guided discussion (led by Lori Tigner) to discover how we can best use sustainable practices in our lives.

"Choices for Sustainable Living" published by the Northwest Earth Institute.

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Places that recycle
Community Garden Photos