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The Quarantine Files - At Home Fitness

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(Interview 4.26.20) - Brian Bator (Student Life) and Shawn Lechuga (ACC Fitness Center)

Hello again ACC! I hope you are still all well and feeling healthy. It has been a few weeks since I have done much physical activity beyond 12oz curls (Mt. Dew kids, calm down). That being said, I am starting to fill out my shirt like a coat hanger...or at least a bit more than usual. Which led me to this week’s guest for a little workout motivation, our Fitness Center Facilities Coordinator, Shawn Lechuga. Shawn is a big sports fan with a passion for teaching weightlifting and nutritional research. I am sure you have seen him down in the gym helping students, or shooting some hoops, awesome dude. Anyway, I thought he could share some insight to help us all stay active in quarantine without the luxury of the Fitness center.

Brian Bator: Hey Shawn! Thanks for taking time with me today to catch up! What have you been doing to stay busy and healthy during this quarantine?

Shawn Lechuga: Hi Brian! Thank you for having me. Wow! What a time we live in. I actually have been even busier now than before everything shut down. My wife is a CNA and also works at a Dr. office, so she is still working outside the home. I now have two 6-month-old twin girls at home and a 9-year-old daughter who is homeschooling. In between that, I am working from home for ACC. So, at this time I am wearing many hats! I also have rediscovered an old hobby – sports card collecting. During down times and weekends, I have been sorting and going through some old sports cards. I found some great cards that I forgot all about! 😊 

BB: Sounds like you have your hands full! You know, I was big into cards and memorabilia growing up so we might have to compare gems one of these days, haha. Mental health is a hot topic in today’s culture, maybe even more now in light of COVID-19. How can working out or just staying active have not only positive effect on the body physically but also on the brain and mental health?

SL: This is a great time to start those projects that were on hold. Maybe going through old pictures, cleaning out closets, yard work, connecting with family. The list goes on. Meditation and yoga are great for mental health. Taking the time for yourself is very important! It’s a perfect time to shed negative energy. Please get outside and walk, jog or run!

BB: The weather sure has been nice enough. Since all the gyms are closed I am sure there are many people at home who are craving a workout. What kind of tips would you give someone who is looking for a way to stay active without the tools they are accustom to using at the fitness center?

SL: Be creative with your workouts and exercise. You don’t need much more than yourself and some space to stay in good shape over these weeks. Do some research online to help with form and ideas for bodyweight workouts. Create yourself a solid routine and schedule – push yourself to stay on top of what you set.  

BB: Personally, I have been eating like trash since the shut-down! Most of my meals have come from a box; cheap and easy. Is there anything people like me, who keep it simple in the kitchen, can do to eat healthier?

SL:  Even though we are at home, the grocery stores are still open, and they still have plenty of fresh veggies, fruit and non-processes foods. I encourage people to eat clean and fresh and get in the kitchen and cook! 

BB: What obstacles do you think most prevents people from following through and reaching their goals in the gym? Do you have any routines or tricks that help you stay on track and motivated working out?

SL: You have to have goals. Once you have them in mind, write them down! This gives you something to work towards. Chart your progress – take pictures and track all your movements and exercises. Watch how you and your workouts change and adapt as you get stronger and better. All of this will give you drive and motivation to stay on track. 

BB: Any last thoughts or things you would like to share before we wrap this up?

SL: Thank you for having me, Brian! I just encourage everyone to remain positive, respectful and courteous – stay busy though the process. Turn off you TV’s and make your life productive and beneficial for you! 

BB: Thanks Shawn for fitting us into your busy schedule it has been great catching up with you. Go switch your hat and enjoy the day with your family!

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