Transfer Credits Frequently Asked Questions

Do my grades from transfer credits count toward my ACC grade point average (GPA)? Do they count for honors at graduation?
No, transfer coursework is not calculated into your ACC GPA. Only grades received at ACC count in your GPA, and your GPA earned at ACC determines honors at graduation.

Will my ACC credits transfer to other higher education institutions?
Each institution establishes their own transfer credit acceptance policies. Having said that, any ACC course denoted as GT: Guaranteed Transfer is guaranteed to transfer to other public institutions of higher learning in Colorado, as long as a grade of "C" or better is earned in each course.

Does ACC have transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities?
ACC has specific articulation agreements with many colleges and universities. The Academic Advising office, and/or specific academic programs (e.g. Paralegal Department, Criminal Justice Department, etc.) maintain information about current articulation agreements between ACC and other institutions.

How do I prepare for transfer to another college?
You need to contact that school's admissions department for important dates and deadlines as well as application, degree, and academic program information.  If you need an official transcript, you may order it online.

How do I know if courses taken at another college will transfer to ACC?
To transfer credits to ACC, mail an official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office. ACC defines an official transcript as a transcript from a higher education institution sent directly to ACC and does not enter the student's possession. Send official transcripts to: Arapahoe Community College, c/o Admissions and Records, 5900 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80160. Transcripts will be evaluated based on the degree that is being pursued. Only those credits that apply to the declared program will be transferred.