Residency Classification

ACC classifies you as a Colorado resident or non-resident (for tuition purposes) based on your admissions application. We determine your tuition classification by the first day of the term or within ten business days for applications processed after the first day. The information below provides guidelines to residency classification. However, final classification is based on a number of factors. Contact Records and Enrollment Services (303.797.5621) for additional information.

To qualify for resident tuition classification, you must be / demonstrate:

  • Legal status in the United States.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, Submit a copy of your visa or permanent resident card.  If you are under age 23, and not married, submit a copy of yours and your parent’s visa or permanent resident card.  Some visa categories are not eligible for instate residency.  Please contact the Admission & Records Office for clarification.
  • Permanent residence in Colorado one year prior to first day of term (age 23 and older).
  • Parent’s permanent residence in Colorado one year prior to the first day of term (age 22 and under).
  • Married at least one year prior to the first day of the term (age 22 and under) and meet permanent residence requirements.
  • Active military duty in Colorado (includes children and spouse). Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Honorably discharged member of the Armed Services. Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Transferred to Colorado as part of economic incentive program-HB 1256 (includes children; not spouse). Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Emancipated minors (parents no longer provide support, care and custody; do not claim you on taxes). Requires a Petition for Tuition Classification.
  • Attendance a Colorado high school for three years and graduated immediately prior to applying at ACC.
  • You earned a GED and resided in Colorado for three years immediately prior to applying to ACC.
  • You may be eligible for a reduction in tuition through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program if you are a resident of one of the participating western states and you do not intend to create domicile in Colorado or take online courses. Information on WUE is available in our catalog. Click on College Information and then Residency or visit their website, The WUE application is available at

To change your tuition classification:

For additional tuition classification information or submission deadlines, contact Admissions and Records (303.797.5621).