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Students purchasing books at the ACC Bookstore.

Purchasing Books With Financial Aid

If you received financial aid you may be able to use it to purchase books and supplies* at ACC.

How Can I Use Financial Aid?

  1. You must have already been awarded Federal Student Aid.
  2. The amount of aid you have been awarded must exceed your total tuition, fee, books, and supplies charges or you will have to pay the excess.
  3. By charging your books and supplies you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the ACC Financial Aid Office and ACC Bookstore.
  4. Financial Aid funds available to purchase books may be limited so check with the Financial Aid Office before charging books to your student account.

When Can I Use It?

Financial aid will be permitted to purchase books and supplies for Fall 2021 from August 2-11.

Where Do I Have to Go?

You can purchase your books and supplies on campus at the ACC Bookstore or online at the Campus Store. If you are purchasing in the Bookstore, tell the cashier you would like to charge to your financial aid.

*Financial aid may not be used to purchase apparel, novelty items, or gift cards.