Institutional Effectiveness Committee Members

Dr. Cheyne Bamford, Faculty, Psychology (Department Chair); Chair, Program Assessment Committee; Member, Core Assessment Team

Erica Bullock-Jones, Program Manager, Community and Workforce Partnerships

Dr. Donna Chrislip, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness; Member, Core Assessment Team

Sara Harris, Faculty, Accounting; (former Chair, Program Assessment Committee)

Dr. Diane Hegeman, Vice President for Instruction; Member, Core Assessment Team

Kim Larson-Cooney, Executive Director, Community and Workforce Programs

Matt McKeever, Dean, Community and Workforce Partnerships

Dr. Cindy Somers, Dean, School of Math, Business and Technology; Member, Program Assessment Committee

Deb Stieneker, Faculty, Department of Communication; Chair, Center for Professional Enrichment

Martha Thayer, Faculty, Mortuary Science; Chair, Faculty Senate