Facility Rental Process / Disclaimer

Addendum C

  1. Parking lots are permit parking only. Parking lots also have restricted areas indicated by signage that needs to be adhered to. Depending on the size of your event, parking permits may be required, please verify with Facility Rental prior to parking in controlled parking areas. Please note that street parking is regulated by the City of Littleton.
  2. Notify the Facilities Rental Manager of cancellation no less than seven calendar days before the scheduled date to receive a refund of the rental fee less $100; otherwise the client will forfeit the total rental fee.
  3. Accept responsibility for payment of regular charges, damages and/or additional cleanup charges that could occur in the use of ACC facilities. After the event the facility will be inspected and any additional fees will be billed to the client.  
  4. Ensure that all advertising of the event identifies the individual or sponsor in charge. Renter is the sole sponsor of the event and all advertising must include this statement “Arapahoe Community College is not involved in sponsorship or endorsement of the event.”
  5. Abide by Municipal, State, Federal Laws and ACC Policies and Regulations.
  6. Provide additional security measures if requested by ACC.
  7. Actual pricing and cost is contract specific.
  8. It is the applicant’s responsibility to advise the Facilities Rental Manager of any physical access accommodations that persons with disabilities will need to attend the applicant’s event. Any specific requests for accommodations must be made at least 5 business days in advance of the applicant’s event. Please note that the applicant is responsible for providing accommodations to the program. (i.e. interpreter, alternate format of materials.)
  9. As a State of Colorado Community College, ACC makes its facilities available for use by area organizations as much as possible when not in use for classes or other scheduled College activities. This information has been designed to answer some commonly asked questions; and to give you some general rules and regulations regarding facility usage at the College. Fees and policies are subject to change without notice, should you have any questions or concerns after reading the brochure, please contact the Facility Rental Department.