John Libby

Featured Alumni Profile August 2011: John Libby

"I enjoy learning and fortunately, ACC provides the outlet for life long learning. "

Name: John Libby

Time Spent at ACC: 1 Year

Area of Study: General Studies

How has your ACC education influenced you?

ACC gave me opportunity. I came to Denver in 1981 from NY and walked into ACC as an out of state student that had to work his way through school. It was the affordable option. I soon discovered that it was also an option that opened many doors.  I joined the student council and that opened doors into politics and community service. I discovered that everyone can have a voice, and that year the student council was influential in converting the school from the quarter to the semester system. I also had the opportunity to do some writing for the school newspaper which lead me to a nearly 30 year career in print.

What is your fondest memory at ACC?

Outside of the education and the lifelong friends I made at ACC, I believe that my fondest memory was of the student council.  We were housed in a makeshift office next to the cafeteria (they have since filled in the wall with an operating elevator). We were excited to be on our own and to help make our way in society. It was there that I found my love for community and public service.  

What have you been doing since leaving ACC to further your goals?

I continued my education and earned my BA from Metro State. I have managed numerous print businesses, was the Retail Ad Director for the Rocky Mountain News and  am currently the Regional manager for Colorado's Money Mailer. I ran for Colorado State Representative, published a novel called A Jeffersonian Experience and have served on numerous chamber and community Boards. I joined the Marine Reserves while at ACC and was named Marine of the Year in 1985. I did not forget ACC through the years. In the 1990's, I was on ACC's advisory council. I managed a team for the college as the Director of Corporate Training and most recently served 2 terms as the chair for the foundation. I am still on the Foundation board and am an advisor for a new journalism certificate, which I look forward to becoming an adjunct instructor for the Jou111 course in the fall of 2012. I also continue to take a class every fall and spring semester.  I enjoy learning and fortunately, ACC provides the outlet for life long learning. 


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