Dr. Lynne Kinghorn

Featured Alumni Profile October 2011: Dr. Lynne Kinghorn

"ACC helped me begin a journey that allowed me to end up doing work I both love and find meaningful."

Dr. Lynne Kinghorn

Name: Dr. Lynne Kinghorn

Time Spent at ACC: 2 Years

Area of Study: Liberal Arts

What is your fondest memory at ACC?

ACC was a wonderful and welcoming environment for an older student like me. I remember great discussions with new friends in the cafeteria (including the person who would become my life-long best friend). Some exceptionally good instructors-- Judy Goldberg, Judith Sornberger, and Pat Enright-- come to mind. And who can forget quirky Otto Pfeiff? The Progenitor was the first place I ever had my writing published--what a thrill that was!

How has ACC influenced you?

I was the first person in my family to attend college, and I had no idea how to go about doing that. I started at ACC by taking an occasional course and discovered I was perfectly capable of college work (something my high-school teachers and counselors had told me, but which I never quite believed until I proved it to myself!). Finally, I attended ACC full-time and received my A.A. in 1987. Transferring my credits to Metro was a snap, and I got my B.A. in 1989 at the age of 38. By then, I knew I wanted to be a psychologist, so I applied to the doctoral program at DU and was accepted that same year. In 1994, I was awarded my Doctor of Psychology degree and have been practicing ever since. My parents were very bright people, but never had the opportunity to get an education. My dad only finished the fifth grade before he had to quit school to help support his family, and my mom only went through the eighth grade for the same reason. ACC helped me begin a journey that allowed me to end up doing work I both love and find meaningful as a clinical psychologist. ACC will always feel like something of a "home town" to me.

What have you been doing since leaving ACC to further your goals?

I continue in my south Denver private practice working with adults and couples. Writing is a second passion and I'm working on a novel (isn't everybody?) I am fortunate to have time to spend with friends and family on a regular basis. And perhaps best of all, I have time by myself to think about important things like life, death, chocolate....


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