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Featured Alum Profile 2016: Dr. Jane Scott

Dr. Jane Scott, ACC Alumna

Born in Kenya, Dr. Jane Scott attended the University of Western Australia Medical School in Perth. Years later after moving to the United States, she took classes at Arapahoe Community College. From there she attended the University of Colorado Medical School and completed her residency in Pediatrics and fellowship in Neonatology at Duke University, while simultaneously raising four young children. Dr. Jane became a staff Neonatologist at St Joseph’s Hospital in Denver where she remained for 6 years. After this she was recruited to build St. Luke’s Magic Valley Hospital NICU from a level 1 to a Level 3C unit in Twin Falls, Idaho. She returned to Colorado in 2010.
After years of research and development, Dr. Jane invented the Tortle, an FDA cleared, stylish knit beanie designed to provide a cost effective and simple tool to prevent Flathead Syndrome in babies 0-9 months adjusted age. Tortle Products is based in Denver, Colorado, and is dedicated to ending Flat Head Syndrome around the world. Products are currently being sold throughout the US and several international countries.


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