Nate Meadows

Featured Alum Profile February 2013: Nate Meadows

"Fondest memory would be the great communication that I had between classmates in the online classes."

Nate, ACC Featured Alumni Profile

Name: Nate Meadows
Time Spent at ACC: All of my attendance was online. I started with the Jones/NCTI program and then in 2006 earned my first of 6 certificates and my Associates Degree in 2011
Area of Study: Broadband Technology and Management
Degree or Certificate: Associates of General Studies – 2011
Broadband Technology – 2012
Broadband HFC Network Technician – 2007
Broadband Customer Premise Technician – 2007
Broadband Telephony Technology Management – 2007
Broadband Technical Management – 2006
Broadband Digital Management - 2006

What is your fondest memory at ACC?

I attended the college via online courses, so because of this, my fondest memory would be the great communication that I had between classmates in the online classes. The way the instruction was set up, it allowed everyone to communicate and work together to solve problems and work on projects. In fact, I still email a couple of the classmates that I met online to get feedback on industry related questions.

How has your ACC education influenced you?

I have been influenced in several ways, one of which is the way that I communicate with others at work. I have gained so many wonderful tools through my experience at ACC.

What have you been doing since you left ACC?

Since I attended the online classes at ACC, I have been able to remain in the same job. The education that I have gained through the college has allowed me to build upon my experience and use that knowledge to work to where I am at today. Currently, I am the Safety Administrator in the Georgia and Alabama markets for Charter Communications..


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