Jedediah Terry

Featured Alum Profile 2014: Jedediah Terry

Jedediah Terry, ACC Featured Alumni Profile

Name: Jedediah Terry
Time Spent at ACC: 2009- 2012
Area of Study: Computer Information Systems

What is your fondest memory at ACC?

I would have to say that my fondest memory from my time at ACC would have to be going on a hike up Devils Head with Nancy Nickless, my wife and one other veteran. It was snowing at the top but we did not let that stop us from reaching the top.

How has your ACC education influenced you?

When I started back to school I was scared that I did not have what it took to get the job done and get my degree. After I got my AAS from ACC I know I could do it, so when I left ACC I continued my education at Regis to get my Bachelor’s degree.

What have you been doing since you left ACC?

I am still working hard to get my Bachelor’s degree at Regis. As of right now everything is good in my world.


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