Calculator Tutorials

Need help with your calculator? The following offer quick tutorials on your calculator. Each is a *PDF, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view the files.

TI–83 and TI-84 Calculator Tutorials
Workshop 1Home Screen, Keyboard, Mode, Editing, and Arithmetic
Workshop 2Catalog, Display Mode, Number Systems, Variables, and Memory
Workshop 3Functions
Workshop 4Graphing - Part 1
Workshop 5Statistics
Workshop 6Linear Algebra
Workshop 7Graphing - Part 2
Workshop 8Solving Equations - Graphical Approach
Workshop 9Inequalities
Workshop 10Complex Numbers and Programming
Workshop 11Circles
Workshop 12Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Workshop 13Inverse Functions and More Statistical Regression


TI-89 Calculator Tutorials
Workshop 1The Basics
Workshop 2Calculus, Differential Equations (and some Trigonometry)