Fitness Center

When you become an ACC Fitness Center member, you can use any or all of the following equipment! 30-minute FREE training sessions are available. View the schedule.

  • Circuit Training Weight Machines
  • Individual strength training machines
  • Stationary upright and recumbent bicycles
  • Expresso video upright bikes
  • Indoor spin bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical crosstrainers
  • Free weights
  • Free Motion cable machines
  • Wheelchair accessible weight machine
  • Stability balls, bosu balls, balance disks and more
  • CardioTheater audio system
  • Cable TV

Need help with your workout program?

  • You have access to certified personal trainers to help you reach your goals.
  • You can schedule training sessions individually or with a group of your friends!
  • As a student, you have a discount rate for access to these personal trainers.

Need a one credit class?

Check out the current schedule to find a class for you!

  • Fitness Center activity classes
  • Weight training
  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Pilates mat class
  • Yoga classes
  • Martial arts classes
  • Tai chi
  • Tennis
  • Indoor stationary cycling
  • Golf.

Interested in BECOMING a Personal Trainer?

Check out the Exercise Health Sciences Program for details and course information for this exciting and fun area of study!