Career and Transfer Center Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Career and Transfer Center offer?
The Career and Transfer Center assists students in setting career, academic, and professional goals. Resources are available in the Career and Transfer Center to help students determine possible careers with specific majors, through career assessments, individual career counseling appointments, and a series of career exploration workshops. Employment services include advice on resume writing and job searching, along with a job and internship database, access to employers interested in ACC students, and many other online and print resources in the Career Center computer lab.

What can I do, professionally, with a certificate or degree program I've selected?
Many students who earn a two-year Associate degree at ACC transfer their credits to four-year colleges or universities. ACC has established transfer and articulation agreements with a variety of public and private institutions. Other certificate and degrees lead directly to employment opportunities. Contact the Career and Transfer Center at 303.797.5805 or email: careers@arapahoe.edu for more information.

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