Unusual Enrollment History

The U.S. Department of Education (USDoE) has instituted processes that identify students who have an Unusual Enrollment History.  Unusual Enrollment History is defined by the USDoE as a student who has been awarded Pell Grant funds at multiple institutions, but did not earn any academic credit at each of those institutions.

Any student who has been identified by the USDoE as having an unusual enrollment history will have their file reviewed and will be required to submit additional documentation before a determination is ultimately made as to whether or not the student may receive Title IV aid at ACC.

If ACC determines, based on a review of the student’s academic records and other documentation, that the student is not eligible to receive Title IV aid at ACC, the student has a right to appeal.

A student may appeal to reinstate Title IV aid eligibility by submitting the following in an appeal packet:

  • Completed Denial of Title IV Aid Appeal – Unusual Enrollment History form.
  • Written statement addressing the following questions (including supporting documentation, if applicable):
    • What extenuating circumstances existed that prevented you from earning academic credit at each of the institutions previously attended?
    • What has changed significantly to allow academic success in future semesters? 
    • Attach supporting documentation for extenuating circumstances such as: court documents, medical documents, birth/death records, etc.
  • Copy of degree / certificate audit:
    • Log into myACC
    • Locate DegreeCheck in the “DegreeCheck and Graduation” channel on the Student tab
    • Select DegreeCheck icon
    • Review audit to ensure major is accurate (complete the Declaration of Major form to update major if appropriate)
    • Print degree / certificate audit
  • Student Loan and Pell Grant information:
    • Access the National Student Loan Data System ( – select “Financial Aid Review”) and include the total amount of student loan debt
    • Access the National Student Loan Data System ( – select “Financial Aid Review”) and include the Lifetime Pell Eligibility Used percentage.

The completed packet must be submitted to the ACC Office of Financial Aid, Room M2330; Fax 303.797.5663; Email  Appeals will be reviewed by a committee and the student will be notified of the final decision within 14 days.