Chatfield HS

2014-2015 Concurrent Enrollment Offerings

(S1 - Fall, S2 - Spring, YL - year-long)

ART 161 Intro to Ceramics (S1, S2)

BUS 115 Intro to Business (S1, S2)

GER 111 German Language I (S1)

GER 112 German Language II (S2)

IND 100 Interior Design Fundamentals (YL)

LIT 201 World Lit to 1600 (S1)

LIT 202 World Lit after 1600 (S2)

LIT 221 British Lit to 1770 (S1)

LIT 222 British Lit after 1770 (S2)

MAR 216 Principles of Marketing (YL)

MGD 112 Adobe Illustrator (S2)

PSY 101 General Psychology (S1, S2)

PSY 102 General Psychology II (S2)

SPA 111 Spanish Language I (S1))

SPA 112 Spanish Language II (S2)

SPA 211 Spanish Language III (S1)

SPA 212 Spanish Language IV (S2)

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