Thomas Jefferson HS

2013-2014 Concurrent Enrollment Offerings

(S1 - Fall, S2 - Spring, YL - year-long)

CSC 116 Logic and Program Design (YL)

CSC 126 Game Design and Development (YL)

CWB 110 Cmplt Web Author (YL)

CWB 130 Web Editing Tools (YL)

ENG 090 Basic Composition (S1, S2)

JOU 105 Intro to Mass Media (YL)

JOU 106 Fundamentals of Reporting (YL)

JOU 121 Photojournalism (YL)

MAR 216 Principles of Marketing (YL)

MAT 090 Introductory Algebra (S1, S2)

MGD 101 Intro to Computer Graphics (YL)

MGD 164 Digital Video Editing I (YL)

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