Legend HS

2014-2015 Spring and Year-long Classes

BUS 110 Working for Yourself (S1, S2)

BUS 115 Intro to Business (S1, S2)

CAD 255 Solidworks (S1, S2)

CIS 118 Intro PC Applications (S1, S2)

CRJ 110 (YL)

CSC 119 Intro to Programming (S1)

CSC 160 Computer Science I (S2)

MGD 102 Intro to Multimedia (S1, S2)

MGD 111 Adobe Photoshop I (S1, S2)

MGD 112 Adobe Illustrator (S1)

MGD 114 Adobe InDesign (S2)

MGD 153 3-D animation (S1, S2)

MGD 164 Digital Video Editing (S1)

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