Writers Studio Scholarship

Writers Studio and the ACC Foundation are proud to offer a Tuition Scholarship for Creative Writing classes to qualified students. Selection made by Writers Studio Committee.

Deadline for Spring 2015 Semester: Nov. 14, 2014 midnight. ACC Writers Studio Scholarship Applications due Room M4665

Writers Studio is committed to helping its writing students flourish. Each year, Writers Studio awards two scholarships to our creative writing students. One scholarship will be awarded this coming fall for spring 2015. Each scholarship will cover the cost of tuition and books for a creative writing course at ACC.

  1. Scholarship requirements:   
    1. Enrollment must meet at least half-time status which is equal to 6 credit hours per semester
    2. Completion of Creative Writing I (ENG 221) or currently taking ENG 221 and passing
    3. GPA of 3.0 or above at ACC
    4. Submission of a 500 word essay describing your background in writing and how this scholarship will assist you with your personal or professional goals.
    5. Submission of a portfolio with a minimum of five pages of creative work which may include: selection of prose from fiction, nonfiction, screenplay or play, or poetry.

Scholarship winners will be selected by the Writers Studio Committee. For more information, please contact Dr. Kathryn Winograd at

Click here for Application form. Application forms are also available on the Writers Studio bulletin board on the 4th floor and outside Room M4665.      

Writers Studio and the ACC Foundation are proud to announce the winner of the 2014 Spring Semester Writers Studio Student Scholarship: Taylor Anne Binder

taylorbinderTaylor receives tuition credit for a course in creative writing and money to cover the cost of books in that course. Taylor is also invited as an honored guest to the Writers Studio Spring Literary Festival on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

Taylor Anne Binder is an aspiring writer from Birmingham, Alabama. As a 21-year-old currently living in Denver, she spends her time cuddling with her dog, binge-watching Netflix, and waiting tables at a burger joint. She has been published in her high school’s literary magazine, “Write The Other Way,” and is looking forward to more opportunities to get her work out. She only has one goal in life: to help others any way she can— oh, and to eat as much pizza as humanly possible.

Committee Comment: Taylor is a serious and talented student of writing. Her work is vivid, heart-breakingly honest, fresh, and insightful. It’s a pleasure to support her.

From Escaping ED

Looking in the mirror of my bathroom I grabbed the red dry-erase marker and in sloppy hand writing wrote 107.6 lbs at the bottom of a list of previous weights. I turned my bony back to the mirror and stepped on the dusty white scale, again. I tapped my right foot on the side of the scale and waited for the dashing lines to settle and show me 0.00. I carefully laid my feet on the scale and allowed every sort of negative thought to run through my brain. Looking down at my pale arms, I felt goose bumps come over me. I was naked, minus the black underwear that hung on my pointy hips. The scale read: 107.7lbs. How could I have gained .1 of a pound in less than a minute? Shouldn’t I have lost weight? Helpless, I climbed on the scale again.

The Writers Studio Scholarship is offered twice yearly. Winners receive tuition and book money for a creative writing class. Go to for more information.