Mikelene Mantel

Mickey Mantel MSN, RN teaches theory and lab for nursing fundamental, and the first and second advanced medical/surgical  courses as well as the senior practicum course. Mickey has been at ACC since fall 2006 and part-time as lab coordinator since 2002. After 20 years as an officer and Air Force retirement, Mickey then worked as a pool nurse, an Educational Coordinator and CNA Program Director, and a preoperative nurse in outpatient women’s health care.  She has a Master’s in Nursing from the University of Colorado in Nursing Administration.

Credentials: LtCol USAF Retired. Diploma in Nursing, Mount Sinai School of Nursing, Chicago, Illinois. B.S.N., Loretto Heights College, Denver, CO. M.S.N., University of Colorado.

Academic Interests: Nursing Fundamentals, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing and Senior Nursing Leadership and Practicum.

Personal Interests: Dancing, Reading, Renovation Projects and spending time with my daughter.