Clinical Required Documentation

The following documentation is required prior to any clinical assignment. Submit the complete packet to the classroom instructor by the second week of class.

  • Current CPR Card: must be Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health care Providers through an approved vendor of the American Heart Association. Go to or call 303.768.8088. Red Cross CPR is NOT acceptable.
  • Criminal Background Check and Random Drug Screen: (CBC) must be completed following ACC procedure.
    • Access the American Data Bank website at
    • Select the combination package which includes background check and 10 panel drug screen.
    • DO NOT complete the drug screen. Specific procedural instructions will be given at the program orientation.
  • Immunizations (Vaccines or Titers are acceptable)
    • Documentation of at least 2 Hepatitis B shots or immunity determined by Titer*
      • NOTE: There is generally a one month wait between injection one and two. A rapid track is available if necessary.
    • Documentation of 2 Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccines or immunity determined by Titer*
    • Documentation of Chickenpox vaccine or immunity determined by Titer*
    • Documentation of a current (within one year) negative TB test or a negative chest X-ray.
    • Flu vaccine (Payment receipt is acceptable)
    • *TITER: A blood draw which determines immunity. Direct any questions to your health care provider.
    • Please note: Family history is not acceptable documentation.