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Move Mountains: Make a Difference as a Secondary Mathematics Teacher!

ACC and Regis University have developed a partnership so that you can complete a bachelor's degree in Secondary Mathematics Education seamlessly.

Follow the ACC AS degree plan and:

  • Earn an Associate of Science at ACC
  • Complete the ACC Optional Plan of Study
  • Transfer up to 80 semester hours to the Regis University College of Professional Studies and complete your Bachelors of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education with only 51 additional credit hours.

You Are Needed: The Colorado Department of Education has identified mathematics as an area in need of highly qualified teachers and this holds true across the United States, making math education an in-demand and mobile career.

Contact: Michelle Van De Sande at 303.797.5812 or for more information

"If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants."
Issac Newton, (1676)

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are integrated courses especially designed to make connections across disciplines. Spring 2011, Arapahoe Community College is offering to a limited number of students a learning community experience.

Why should you join a learning community?

Learning communities provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other students and our outstanding faculty. At Arapahoe Community College, we believe participation in a learning community will positively affect your college experience. Students working together with a group of peers will improve each others' learning. Working together with the same group of students will create an invaluable support network. An added benefit is that many friendships will be developed and cultivated.

Math FLEX classes

Arapahoe Community College now offers MAT 060, 090 and 099 in the FLEX format at the Littleton Main Campus and the Castle Rock Campus.

In a cross between traditional class and independent study, students have increased flexibility in deciding where they will work. Due dates are provided although students may work faster to complete the course material or even complete two classes in one semester.

Students read the text and complete homework online, visiting the FLEX Lab for personal help when needed. Practice Tests and Answer Keys are provided before each written on campus Exam.

For more information on Math FLEX classes at ACC, please email or call Alexsis Venter at 303.797.5929.