Calculators: Mathematics Department

Most course offered through the Math Department require the use of a graphing calculator.

The Mathematics Department at ACC rents Texas Instruments Calculator models: TI-83, TI-84, TI-86 and TI-89.

  • Please check with your instructor as individual preferences may vary.
  • Tutorial resources are available for the TI-83/84, TI-86, and TI-89 calculators online. In addition, most tutors in the Student Success Center (M2720) are familiar with these calculators and can assist you. 
  • Rental cost is $25 for the semester. Calculators may be rented at any time during the semester (if available) and must be returned by the last day of the semester or a $20 late fee and/or replacement fee as stated on the calculator rental agreement will be assessed.


Alexsis Venter, Room M3575

Phone: 303.797.5929