EMT Basic

The EMT-Basic program consists of EMS 121, 122 and 123 (9 credit hours) and EMS 170 (1 credit hour). These classes provide the basic education to become a State Certified EMT-Basic. Taking these two classes is the first step to getting into the field of EMS and becoming a paramedic.

The EMT-Basic program provides the knowledge and skills required to deliver emergency care to a sick or injured patient. To apply to most Fire Departments in Colorado, these two classes must be successfully completed. After completion, you must take the National Registry EMT-Basic written exam. Upon successful completion of this exam, you may apply for Colorado State Certification as an EMT-B.

EMS 121, 122 and 123 classes meet ten hours and forty minutes per week; six hours and forty minutes of lecture and four hours of practical lab. There is also approximately 45 hours of clinical time; one 8-12 hour shifts in an emergency department and two-three 8-12 hour shifts on a rescue unit (ambulance and fire rescue) and one Saturday extraction lab. Clinical hours are subject to change without notice.

Course Descriptions