Larry Taylor

I've been fascinated by the biological sciences for as long as I can remember, and my academic and professional life has been a natural development of that passion. After completing my undergraduate training at Baylor University, I earned my M.S. degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. There I studied in the Department of Integrative Physiology as well as the Institute for Behavioral Genetics, and my research focused on the role of stress response genes in organism longevity.

Academic Interests:
My primary academic interests are evolutionary biology, physiology, ecology, and genetics. Besides my studies, I started teaching and working with cadavers in graduate school and continue to work with the cadaver program here at ACC.

Personal Interests:
As you might expect, my personal interests largely revolve around the natural world; I hike, climb, camp, and travel as much as I can. I'm captivated by wilderness and generally try to immerse myself in it as much as possible. I also love to read (all science books, of course) and have a habit of being perpetually halfway through multiple books. I also enjoy watching college football, playing several sports, attending cultural events, and dabbling in other interests like music and art.