Art Transfer Program

After completing their instruction at ACC, many of our students transfer to colleges, universities and schools of art.

Most art classes offered at ACC transfer easily to the many four-year institutions in Colorado and to out-of-state universities and schools of art.

The most important consideration of transfer in the area of art is to identify the institution(s) to which the student wishes to transfer. The student should contact the receiving institution and follow its guidelines for transfer credit. The student should contact the art department specifically at the receiving institution for exact information, including how many hours of credit the student may transfer in his/her major and in each studio area.

If the student is uncertain of a transfer institution, we can suggest courses that are most likely to transfer, and which will also provide a good foundation for further study.

It is recommended that the student contact an ACC Art Department member and the Counseling Office for further advising in the Art transfer area.

Art majors are encouraged to take and/or complete the Colorado CORE curriculum as a good foundation for their General Education requirements at any receiving institution.

For some receiving institutions, students should be prepared to present a portfolio of their work for acceptance or placement in the studio programs. ACC Art faculty are prepared to assist students in portfolio development.

Suggested Courses

Art 110
Art Appreciation General CORE Curriculum
Art 111 Art History I
General CORE Curriculum
Art 112
Art History II General CORE Curriculum
Art 121
Drawing I 
Art 122
Drawing II 
Art 131
Design I 
Art 132
Design II 
Art 123
Watercolor I 
Art 141
Jewelry and Metalwork I 
Art 142
Jewelry and Metalwork II 
Art 151
Photography I 
Art 152
Photography II 
Art 161
Ceramics I 
Art 162
Ceramics II 
Art 211
Painting I 
Art 212
Painting II 
Art 225 Printmaking I 

PLEASE NOTE: Art 110 Art Appreciation is NOT recommended for art majors and will generally transfer only as a general education course.

Art Faculty

  • Jim Cannata, Photography 303.797.5966
  • Susan Goggin, Art History/Art Appreciation 303.797.5967
  • Randy Burns, Jewelry and Metals 303.797.5866