Fiction Writing How To Be Successful

Annie Dawid
Write the best story you know. Then write it again, from a different point of view. Study how varying points of view and perspectives have the power to frame narrative for different effects. Revise to provide the best opportunity for reframing the original work in a new and more successful way. Sample stories with participant narrators, observer narrators, letter narration, diary narration, multiple first-person narration, stream-of-consciousness and many other approaches. No class November 25.

Tue, Sept 2-Dec 2, 5:30-8:15 p.m., 14 wks,        Littleton Campus
WRIT 2008F01-69141                                        $299, plus book


Essentials of Creative Writing

Patricia Jackson
Learn the fundamentals of creative writing while working on your own short story, novel, non-fiction, children’s literature or screenwriting. Get guidance from a published writer, creativity coach and teacher in a supportive atmosphere.

Wed, Sept 24-Nov 26, 6-9 p.m., 10 wks   Littleton Campus closed
WRIT 1010F01-68552                        $199, $7 material fee to instructor

Intermediate Creative Writing: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Patricia Jackson
One day workshop suitable for writers who understand the basics of writing and are actively writing. It is also an appropriate follow-up to the Essentials of Creative Writing taught by Patricia Jackson.  Class includes instruction by a published and experienced writing instructor, actual writing time and supportive critique. Do not bring previously written works. One hour lunch break included.

Sat, Dec 6, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.               Littleton Campus
WRIT 1009F01-68009       $99, $7 material fee to instructor


Critique Group

Patricia Jackson
This one-day workshop will allow you to develop a manuscript you are currently working on and receive feedback from peers.  Workshop includes basic writing instruction by a published and experienced writing instructor, time to improve your piece and feedback. Please bring a manuscript in progress or completed manuscript of no more than 1000 words along with 8 copies to share.

Sat, Oct 25, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.              Littleton Campus closed
WRIT 1012F01-69142       $59, $7 material fee to instructor


Publishing Your Writing

Juliet Hubbell
Learn the ins and outs of publication through visiting editors and agents. Prepare your manuscripts for publication and contests and get feedback before you send them out.  Make a marketing plan to get your work noticed.  *No class Nov 26.

Wed, Aug 20-Dec 3*, 5:30-8:15 p.m., 15 wks          Littleton Campus
WRIT 2003F01-68889                            $299, plus books from the ACC Bookstore

Get Published Now! Nuts and Bolts, Tricks and Tips

Renee Pawlish
Learn from a best-selling author how you can get published and make money. Discuss tips for ebook publication, formatting a book, Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble, ISBN and copyright issues, find an artist, use social media and so much more!

Wed, Oct 29-Nov 19, 6:30-8:30 p.m., 4 wks           Littleton Campus closed
WRIT 1021F01-68918                                                      $89


Poetry Writing 101

Kathryn Winograd
Call forth both the poet and the reader within all of us. The primary focus will be on your own poetry as we explore the elements of formal, free, and experimental poetry.  Each week, workshop members will be expected to contribute original poems, critique the poetry of their classmates, to read and discuss the work of past and present poets, and to participate in in class writing exercises.  Students must attend at least one Writers’ Studio event during the semester. Books: The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach edited by Robin Behn, and 250 Poems: A Portable Anthology 3rd edition Peter Schakel. Online Readings will be available on D2L.* No class Nov 24.

Mon, Aug 18-Dec 8, 5:30-8:15 p.m., 16 wks,         Littleton Campus
WRIT 2011F01-69143                                              $299, plus book


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Writing Young Adult Fiction ONLI 1100$119
Writing for ChildrenONLI 1113$119
The Craft of Magazine Writing ONLI 1061$119
Mystery WritingONLI 1114$119
Introduction to ScreenwritingONLI 1191$119
Breaking into Sitcom WritingONLI 1194$119
Travel WritingONLI 1118$119
Write Your Life StoryONLI 1115$119
Writing and Selling Self-Help Books ONLI 2205$119
Write and Publish Your Nonfiction BookONLI 1029$119
Writing EssentialsONLI 1055$119
Grammar RefresherONLI 1060$119
Writeriffic: Creativity Training For WritersONLI 1062$119
Research Methods for WritersONLI 1065$119
Fundamentals of Technical WritingONLI 1066$119
Introduction to Journaling ONLI 1097$119
Beginning Writer’s WorkshopONLI 1110$119
The Keys to Effective EditingONLI 1112$119
Write Like a ProONLI 1119$119
Writer’s Guide to Descriptive SettingsONLI 1120$119
Advanced Fiction Writing ONLI 1176$119
Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published ONLI 1116$119
Introduction to Internet Writing MarketsONLI 1122$119
Publish and Sell Your E-booksONLI 1202$119