Arapahoe Community College

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Administrators and Faculty

College Administrators

Anderson, Vanessa P.

Dean, School of Legal, Communications, Behavioral, and Social Sciences

Andrews, Jacqueline M.

Financial Aid Advisor

Barrentine, David A.

Instructional Designer

Beaudin, Jennifer

Staff Accountant

Becker-Lutz, Jill

Budget Analyst

Binns, Jane

e-Learning Coordinator

Bjorge, Theresa M.

Facilities Rental Coordinator

Brendecke, Rae

Academic Advising Coordinator

Briggs, Darcy

Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services

Bryant, Theresa

HR Representative/Employee Relations

Buckmaster, Jessica J.

Concurrent Enrollment Specialist

Bullock-Jones, Erica D.

Community and Workforce Partnerships Project Manager/Program Coordinator

Businger, Jennifer

Student Information and Communication Manager

Butler, Karla

Instructional Project Coordinator

Chelland, Carol

Facilities Rental Manager

Chrislip, Donna

Executive Director, Instructional Effectiveness

Christopher, Lee

Director, e-Learning

Crawford, David M.

Director, Facilities

Cummings, Miriam E.

Academic Advisor, International Students

Cunningham, Perri

Director, Fitness Center/Pool and Physical Education Coordinator

DeVries, Samuel

Dean, School of Health, Mathematics, and Sciences

Diaz, Liliana

Financial Aid Counselor

Doyle, Diana


Duggan, Jeff

College Communication Coordinator

Early, Jeremy S.

Director, Financial Aid

Englert, Karen

Student Affairs Specialist

Fukaye, Howard

Director, Student Recruitment and Outreach

Garber, Jill

Director, A.C.C. Extension Campuses

Godbehere, Michael C.

Recruitment Specialist

Goldberg, Debra

Tutorial Services Coordinator

Golden, Howard

Web Coordinator

Grabowski, Lisa

Director of the Library and Learning Commons

Greening, Juan

Printing and Mail Services Manager

Groff, Theresa

Assistant Registrar

Gutierrez, Itzel

Education Specialist, TRIO

Haga, Iwona

Network Administrator

Hannigan, Charla

Student Financial Services Supervisor

Heaton, Whitney B.

Student Affairs Specialist

Hegeman, Diane

Vice President for Instruction

Herrera, Ernest

Custodial Services Manager

Hirshman, Rachel

Assistant Director, Disability Services and Interpreter Coordinator

Horning, Jessica J.

Digital Content Administrator

Husum, Jennifer

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Jones, Byron L.

Director, Law Enforcement Academy

Jones, Kelsey

Assistant Controller

Jung, InKyoung

Financial Aid Counselor

Ketcham, Linda

Clinical Nursing Coordinator

Lansinger, Casey R.

Public Services Librarian

Larson-Cooney, Kim

Executive Director, Community and Workforce Programs

Lefe, Daniel

Student Recruitment / Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Locascio, Kelly A.

Community Education Special Projects Assistant

Loehfelm, Courtney

Executive Director, ACC Foundation

Lorenzo, Joseph

Chief Financial Officer

Losche, Christian

Foundation Coordinator

Marah, Andrew

Financial Aid Counselor

McCormick, Joseph P.

Director, IT

McKeever, Matt

Dean, Community and Workforce Partnerships

McManus, Michael

Director, Advising and Retention

Miller, Grace

Financial Aid Counselor

Minor, Nelly P.

Financial Aid Counselor

Moncada, Rosalie S.

Health Programs Retention Coordinator

Morris, Joseph

Chief of Police

Myrant, Jan

Disability Services Academic Specialist

Nance, Edward

Recruitment Specialist

Nguyen, Hue "Helen"

Staff Accountant

Nicholson, Julie

Academic Advisor

Nickless, Nancy

Financial Aid Counselor/VA Coordinator

Olsen, Rhonda

Technical Support Manager

Patterson, Carol

Executive Assistant to the President and Executive Vice President

Peoples, Mary

Paralegal Program Coordinator

Polasek, Sandi L.

Early Childhood Educator I

Priestman, Ann F.

Reference Librarian

Proctor, Jon

Director, Institutional Research

Provancal, James

Construction Manager

Quijano, Xochil


Quinn, Peggy

A.C.C. Castle Rock Campus Manager

Rafferty, Maureen

Disability Services Academic Specialist

Raugust, Elden

Information Technology Specialist

Rebollo, Claudio

Institutional Research Associate

Roberts, Lindsay

Reference Librarian

Rodriguez, Virginia

Concurrent Enrollment Specialist

Rogers, Eric

Graduation Coordinator and Transfer Evaluator

Rush, Gerilyn

Director, Nursing Program

Schaar, Amelia

Non-Credit Program Manager

Schmitt, Holly K.

Academic Advisor

Sen, Raja

Instructional Designer

Shallcross, Dorothy

Director, Student Financial Services

Shettleworth, James

Academic Advisor

Simpson, Connie

Dean, Student Services

Somers, Cindy

Vice President of Administrative Services

Sorenson, Beth B.

ACC Foundation Accountant

Steele, Kimberly H.

Director, Child Development Center

Stepanski, Molly B.

Community Education Program Coordinator

Stratton, Dawn

Testing Center Coordinator

Sulsberger, Linda

Admissions Manager

Sundby, Valorie J.

Disability Services Specialist

Suniga, Debra

Director, TRIO

Thomas, Samuel

Network Administrator

Tran, Hoa

Staff Accountant

Trevino, Loreen

Educational Talent Search Specialist

Unell, Murry

Director, Marketing and Public Information

Viola, Jerry

Director, Automotive Technology Program

Ward, Tammy

Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Wilcox, Heather

Associate Dean of Judicial Affairs and Support Services

Williams, Angela

Director, Human Resources

Winning, Elyse

Academic Advisor

Winter-Searcy, Wendy

Career and Transfer Center Coordinator

Woegens, Jennifer

Disability Services, Student Support Specialist

Woulfe, Rebecca

Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, Business, and Technology

Young, Gwen

A.C.C. Parker Campus Manager

College Faculty

*Distinguished Faculty

**Faculty of the Year

***Master Teacher

Abels, Nathan Faculty, Art

M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design

B.A., University of St. Francis

Anderson, Patricia Faculty, Math - Chair

M.S., Northern Arizona University

B.S., Northern Arizona University

Anderssen, JoanFaculty, Economics/Finance

**Faculty of the Year 03

M.B.A., University of Denver

Graduate School of Banking, University of Colorado

B.A., Carleton University

Bamford, Cheyne Faculty, Psychology

Ph.D., Arizona State University

M.A., Arizona State University

B.A., Grinnell College, IA

Barrett, Heidi Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Iowa

B.A., DePaul University

Bauer, NiaFaculty, Biology

Ph.D., University of Texas at Houston

B.A., University of San Diego

Beine, Jo Ann Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant

*Distinguished Faculty 11-12

M.L.S., University of Denver

B.A., University of Denver

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Berech, Bill Faculty, Math

Northern Arizona University

B.A.E., Arizona State University

Berg, Jeffrey Faculty, Mathematics

*Distinguished Faculty 02-03

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., Arizona State University

Bertelsen, TamaraFaculty, Economics and Finance; Financial Services – Chair

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., University of Puget Sound

Bettmann, Rudy Faculty, Mortuary Science

M.A., Colorado Christian University

B.S., Regis University

Diploma, Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science

Broom, Jeff Faculty, Philosophy

**Faculty of the Year 11

Ph.D., University of Colorado

M.A., Baylor University

M.A., University of Colorado

B.S., Colorado State University, Pueblo

Burns, Randy Faculty, Jewelry/Metalwork

M.F.A., University of Oregon

B.F.A., Colorado State University

Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler

Certificate, Fundamentals of Engraving

Cannata, Jim Faculty, Photography; Art and Music – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 06-07

M.F.A., Florida State University

B.A., Metropolitan State College of Denver

Carter, Valerie Faculty, Activity Professional's Training, Nurse Aide, Eldercare Specialist - Chair

B.S.N., University of Northern Colorado.

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Daves, Jason Faculty, Automotive

A.S., Aims Community College

A.A.S., Aims Community College

DeMoulin, Tom Faculty, Multimedia/Graphic Design and Illustration

*Distinguished Faculty 07-08, 11-12

B.A., Macalester College

Dicks, Elijah Faculty, History

M.A., University of South Dakota

B.A., Colorado State University

Dragoo, Alvin Faculty, Automotive

A.A., Southeast Community College

Ellwood, RussellFaculty, Math

M.S., University of Mississippi

M.S., Air Force Institute of Technology

B.S., University of Memphis

Emerson-Lewis, MichelleFaculty, Criminal Justice - Academic Coordinator

Ph.D., Georgia State University

M.S., Northeastern University

B.S., Kennesaw State University

Furuta, RobinFaculty, Art

B.F.A., Kansas City Art Institute

Goggin, Susan Faculty, Art

M.H., University of Colorado

B.F.A., University of Colorado

Gonzales, Andrew Faculty, Health Information Technology

M.B.A., University of New Mexico

B.B.A., University of New Mexico

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Gore, Daniel Faculty, History

M.A., University of Florida

B.A., University of Florida

Gowan, Mark Faculty, Philosophy

M.A., University of Missouri, St. Louis

B.A., University of North Texas

Graca, Lucy L.Faculty, English

**Faculty of the Year 99

M.A., University of Massachusetts

B.A., University of Massachusetts

Grant, Deborah Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Colorado

B.B.A., Southern Methodist University

Gronert, Neva Faculty, Communication - Chair

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., Adams State College

Habicht, Kristin Faculty, Early Childhood Education – Chair

Graduate Certificate, University of Denver

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., Metropolitan State College of Denver

Hagood, AllisonFaculty, Psychology

*Distinguished Faculty 10-11

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., Harvard University

Hall, Dianne Faculty, Accounting - Chair

M.B.A., Regis University

B.S., Regis University

Hall, John Faculty, Multimedia/Graphic Design and Illustration – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 11-12

B.F.A., Colorado State University

Harrison, Terrence Faculty, Biology

M.B.S. University of Colorado

B.S., Baylor University

Henningsen, EricaFaculty, Behavioral Sciences – Chair

M.A., University of Northern Iowa

B.A., University of Northern Iowa

Hidalgo, Ruth Faculty, Foreign Language; Communication and Foreign Language – Co-Chair

Ph.D, Florida State University

M.A., Florida State University

B.A., Florida State University

A.A., Palm Beach Community College

Hornick, Diana - Faculty, Communication

M.A., University of Denver

B.S., University of Houston

Houston, Greg Faculty, Architectural Engineering and Construction

M.A., University of Colorado

B.S., University of Colorado

Hubbell, JulietFaculty, English

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., University of California (English)

B.A., University of California (Political Science)

Certificate d'Etudes Estrangeres, Institute of Political Studies, Bordeaux, France

Johnson, Cynthia Faculty, Health Information Technology, Health Professions, Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 12-13

M.Ed, Pennsylvania State University

B.S., University of North Carolina

Johnson, JodyFaculty, Biology – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 03-04, 09-10

M.Ed., University of Colorado

M.S., University of Colorado

B.F.A., Florida State University

Jones, Deborah Faculty, Medical Office Technology

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Jones, JenniferFaculty, Astronomy

M.S., Michigan State University

B.A., University of Colorado (Astronomy)

B.A., University of Colorado (Physics)

Kendall, Susan Faculty, Business

***Master Teacher

M.B.A., University of Phoenix

B.A., Miami University

Khaleq, Abeer Faculty, Computer Science - Chair

M.S.C., Imperial College, University of London

B.S.C., Yarmouk University

Kroetch, Jennifer Faculty, Medical Laboratory Technology; Medical Office Technology – Chair

M.S., University of North Dakota

B.S., University of North Dakota

Kwon, Sylvia Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Hawaii

B.S.N., University of Hawaii

Lawrence, Tracy Faculty, Mathematics

*Distinguished Faculty 03-04, 09-10

***Master Teacher

M.A., University of West Florida

B.A., University of West Florida

A.A., Chipola Jr. College

Lefort, Denise - Faculty, Business

M.B.A., Clemson University

B.S., Clemson University

Lewan, Lindsay Faculty, English

*Distinguished Faculty 08-09

Ph.D., University of New Mexico

M.A., Colorado State University

B.A., Colorado State University

LoDico, Anita Faculty, Interior Design – Chair

B.S., University of Central Oklahoma

NCIDQ Certified

Lynch, Holly Faculty, Business

M.B.A., Colorado Technical University

B.S., Colorado College

Mabry, Sophie Faculty, Exercise Health Sciences – Coordinator

M.A., University of Northern Colorado

B.A., Metropolitan State College of Denver

Mantel, Mikelene L., Lt. Col. USAF Retired – Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Colorado

B.S.N., Loretto Heights College

Diploma in Nursing, Mount Sinai Hospital

Mathers, Mardi Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Colorado

B.S.N., Regis University

Matsushita, HidemiFaculty, Music - Department Lead

*Distinguished Faculty 03-04

Ph.D., Brigham Young University

M.M., University of Utah

B.M., University of Colorado

Mills Josie Faculty, English and Journalism - Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 10-11

**Faculty of the Year 13

Ph.D., University of Denver

M.A., University of South Florida

B.A., University of South Florida

Moro, Michele Faculty, Nursing

M.S., Regis University

B.S.N., Russell Sage College

Moultney, Kim Faculty, College Preparatory Studies

**Faculty of the Year 12

M.Ed., University of Colorado

B.S., University of Colorado

Mugge, DouglasFaculty, Architectural Engineering & Construction; Computer Aided Design/Drafting – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 10-11

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Nordquist, Chris - Faculty, English/Reading

M.A., New Mexico State University

B.A., Schreiner College

A.A., Moorpark College

Norman, Celia Faculty, Biology

M.A., University of Colorado

B.S., California Polytechnic State University

Obeidi, Fida Faculty, Chemistry

Ph.D., Brigham Young University

M.S., Brigham Young University

B.S., Jordan University of Science and Technology

Oberg, Ann Faculty, Pharmacy Technician - Chair

B.S., Loras College

Certificate, Instructor SCAT, Austin Community College

Pardee, Denice - Faculty, Accounting

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., Metropolitan State College of Denver

Poltrone, Rosann Faculty, Geography and Environmental Science - Department Lead

*Distinguished Faculty 02-03

M.A., University of Wyoming

B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo

Porier, Jeremy Faculty, Computer Networking - Chair

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., Colorado Christian University

Provence, Paula Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant – Chair

M.A., University of Phoenix

B.S., University of New Mexico

Rand, Jeromie Faculty, Computer Networking

M.Div., Denver Seminary

M.S, Clemson University

B.A., Clemson University

Ransick, Christopher Faculty, English, Creative Writing

M.A., University of Montana

M.A., University of California

B.A., San Francisco State University

Ratliff, John Faculty, Sociology and Political Science

Ph.D., University of California

M.A., University of California

M.A., University of California

B.A., Reed College

Resseguie, Nancy Faculty, Math

M.A., University of Kansas

B.S.,Nebraska Wesleyan University

Rogin-Roper, Leah Faculty, English; Director - Writing Center

M.F.A., Naropa University

M.A., Northern Arizona University

B.A., Western State University

A.A., Colorado Mountain College

Rojenko, Karen Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N. University of Phoenix

B.A. University of Florida

A.D.N. St. Petersburg College

Rubin, LanceFaculty, Humanities Chair

Ph.D., University of Denver

M.A., Northwestern University

B.S., University of Illinois

Runge, SueFaculty, Interior Design

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Sarin, Arun (A.K.) Faculty, Business

M.B.A., Loyola University

B.S., St. Stephens College

Sauber, VictoriaFaculty, Computer Science

B.A., Ohio State University

Schlueter, JasonFaculty, English, Reading

M.A., St. Cloud State University

B.A., Trinity Bible College

Schnakenburg, Cathy Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Colorado

B.A., University of Northern Colorado

Scrima, Terri Faculty, Communication

M.A., University of Denver

B.A., University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Shelffo, Adam - Faculty, Business

M.S.M., Regis University

B.S., University of Colorado

Sida, Melanie - Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Colorado

P.N.P., University of Colorado

B.S.N., University of Utah

Slonka, Joseph Faculty, Paralegal - Chair

J.D., University of Detroit

B.B.A, Walsh College

A.A.S., Macomb Community College

Smith, Kenneth Faculty, Biology

M.S., Montana State University

B.S., Angelo State University

Snyder, Mark Faculty, Computer Networking

B.A., University of Northern Colorado

Spialek, William Faculty, Emergency Medical Services – Chair

B.S., Regis University

Staples, Danielle Faculty, Math

M.S., William Woods University

B.S., Urbana University

Stasiewicz, Kimberly Faculty, Chemistry

M.S., Purdue University

B.S., University of New Mexico

Steggall, MaryFaculty, Nursing

M.S., University of Utah

B.S., Michigan State University

B.S.N., Regis University

Stieneker, Deborah A. Faculty, Communications

**Faculty of the Year 10

M.A., Southern Illinois University

B.A., Southern Illinois University

Stoner, Barb Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Northern Colorado

B.S.N., University of Colorado

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Strain, ConnieFaculty, Business, Management, Marketing – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 11-12

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., University of Colorado

Sutherlanld, Kathleen Faculty, Early Childhood Education

M.A., University of Denver

B.S., Colorado State University

Taylor, Larry Faculty, Biology

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., Baylor University

Thayer, MarthaFaculty, Mortuary Science – Chair

M.A., Colorado Christian University

B.S., Colorado Christian University

A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Diploma, Dallas Institute of Funeral Service

Thomas, Christy Faculty, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Phoenix

B.S.N., University of North Carolina

B.A., University of North Carolina

Tigner, Lori Faculty, Anthropology and Sociology - Coordinator

M.A., University of Wyoming

B.S., University of Wyoming

B.S., University of Wyoming

Trotter, Jamey Faculty, English

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., College of Charleston

Van de Sande, MichelleFaculty, Academic Achievement and College Composition and Reading – Chair

*Distinguished Faculty 11-12

M.Ed., University of Phoenix

B.A., University of Colorado

Venter, Alexsis Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Colorado

B.S., Wheaton College

Viola, Dawn – Faculty, Interior Design

M.S., Colorado State University

M.Arch., University of Colorado

B.A., University of Colorado

A.A.S., Pikes Peak Community College

Certifications, CKE, CBE

Viola, Jerome J. "Doc"Faculty, Automotive

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Certificate, Service Management

Walker, Donald L. Faculty , Social Sciences – Chair

Ph.D., University of Nebraska

M.A., University of Colorado

B.A., Indiana University

Weigel, Henry Faculty, Physical Sciences – Chair

M.S., Texas A&M University

B.S., Texas A&M University

Wilkerson, Amy - Faculty, Psychology

M.A., Stephen F. Austin State University

B.S., Texas Christian University

Willard, Rachel Faculty, Biology

***Master Teacher

M.S., Colorado State University

B.S., Colorado State University

Winograd, Kathryn Faculty, English, Creative Writing, Writers Studio

*Distinguished Faculty 07-08

Ph.D., University of Denver

M.F.A., University of Iowa

B.A., Ohio University

Colorado State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education


John Trefny


Rich Martinez

Board Members

Maury Dobbie

Jim Johnson

Bernadette Marquez

Russel Meyer

Theresa Pena

Ken Weil

Jean White

Robert Henderson, SFAC Representative

Taryn Flack, SSAC Representative

President, Colorado Community College System

Nancy McCallin

The College Advisory Council

Council Members


Denise Arnold

Judi Diaz-Bonacquisti

John Brackney

Frank Gray

Rhonda Ward

Kevin Wong (Ex-Officio/ACC Foundation)

ACC Administration

President’s Office


Dr. Diana M. Doyle

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Denver

M.S.Ed., Illinois State University

B.S., Illinois State University

Executive Director of ACC Foundation

Courtney Loehfelm

B.S., Buffalo State College

Administrative Services

Vice President for Administrative Services

Dr. Cynthia Somers

Ph.D., University of Washington

B.A., University of California, San Diego

Chief, Campus Police

Joseph Morris

M.S., Administrative Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University;

B.A., Justice Studies, College of Saint Elizabeth;

A.S., Criminal Justice, County College of Morris

Director of Facilities

David M. Crawford

B.S., Colorado State University

A.A., Front Range Community College

Construction Manager

Jim Provancal

Custodial Services Manager

Ernest Herrera

Certificate, Garden City Community College

Certificate, Environmental, Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance Services

Certificate, New Products OSHA and JCAHO compliance, Housekeeping Compliance, Inc., Pueblo CO

Certificate, Colorado Health Care Associate’s Environmental Services

Certificate, Colorado Health Care Association, Denver, CO

Certificate, Petro-Chem Safety Awareness, Liberal City Community College

Facilities Rental Manager

Carol Chelland

Director of the Fitness Center/Pool and Physical Education Coordinator

Perri Cunningham

M.Ed., Tarleton State University

B.S., Abilene Christian University

B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

Director of Human Resources

Angela Williams

M.S., Regis University

B.S., University of Colorado

Printing and Mail Services Manager

Juan Greening

B.S., Metropolitan State College

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Director of the Child Development Center

Kim Steele

M.Ed., Denver University

B.A., University of California

Financial Services

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph A. Lorenzo, Jr.

M.B.A., Regis University

B.S., University of Colorado

Budget Analyst

Jill Becker-Lutz

B.S., University of Colorado

A.A., Arapahoe Community College


Xochil Quijano

B.S., Arizona State University

Director of IT

Joseph P. McCormick

M.A.,Colorado Christian University

B.S., Colorado Christian University

Technical Support Manager

Rhonda Olsen

B.S.B.A., University of Nebraska

Director of Student Financial Services

Dorothy Shallcross

B.S., Regis University

B.A., University of South Dakota

Institutional Effectiveness

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Donna Chrislip

Ed.D., Oklahoma State University

M.S., Oklahoma State University

B.S., Oklahoma State University

Director of Institutional Research

Jon Proctor

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha

B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Instructional Services

Vice President for Instruction

Dr. Diane Hegeman

Ph.D., Colorado State University

M.Ed., Colorado State University

B.Ed., Colorado State University

Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, Business and Technology

Rebecca Woulfe

M.A., University of Colorado-Denver

B.A., University of Denver

Dean, School of Health, Mathematics, and Sciences

Dr. Samuel DeVries

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

M.S., Cornell University

M.S., University of Southern Maine

B.G.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

A.S., Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Director of the Nursing Program

Gerilyn Rush

M.A., Webster University

M.S.N., University of Wyoming

B.S.N., University of Nebraska

Dean, School of Legal, Communications, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Vanessa Anderson

Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

M.Ed., University of South Carolina

B.F.A., Valdosta State University

Director of Automotive Technology

**Faculty of the Year 08

Jerome P. Viola

A.A.S., Arapahoe Community College

Dean of Community and Workforce Partnerships

Matt McKeever

M.Ed., Colorado State University

B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

Instructional Project Coordinator

Karla Butler

M.A., St. Thomas Theological Seminary

A.A., Arapahoe Community College

Executive Director of Community and Workforce Programs

Kim Larson-Cooney

M.Ed., Colorado State University

B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Community Education Program Manager

Amelia Schaar

B.A., Appalachian State University

Community and Workforce Programs Project Manager and Project Coordinator

Erica Bullock-Jones

J.D., University of California at Berkeley

B.S., Cornell University

Director of Marketing and Public Information

Murry Unell

B.J., University of Missouri

Director of A.C.C. Extension Campuses

Jill Garber

M.B.A., University of Phoenix

B.S., Central Michigan University

A.C.C. Castle Rock Campus Manager

Peggy Quinn

M.Ed., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A.C.C. Parker Campus Manager

Gwen Young

M.B.A., Drake University

B.S., Morningside College

Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Tammy Ward

M.S., University of Notre Dame

B.S., University of Miami

Director, Instructional Technology eLearning

Lee Christopher

M.Ed., Tulane University

M.F.A., Naropa University

B.A., Loretto Heights College

Director of the Library and Learning Commons

Lisa Grabowski

M.L.I.S., Dominican University

B.A., University of Puget Sound (Business Administration)

B.A., University of Puget Sound (Psychology)

Student Services

Dean of Student Services

Connie Simpson

M.B.A., University of Missouri

B.S., University of Missouri

Director of Advising and Retention

Michael McManus

M.A.T., Rhode Island College

B.A., University of Rhode Island

Career and Transfer Center Coordinator

Wendy Winter-Searcy

M.A. Denver Seminary

B.A. Colorado Christian University

Director of Financial Aid

Jeremy S. Early

Ed.D., University of Kansas

M.S., University of Kansas

B.A., Truman State University

Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services

Darcy Briggs

M.Ed., Regis University

M.P.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

B.S., Northern State University

Assistant Registrar

Theresa Groff

M.P.A., University of Colorado, Denver

B.S., Oklahoma State University

Admissions Manager

Linda Sulsberger

Student Information & Communication Manager

Jennifer Businger

B.S., Colorado Christian University

Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach

Howard Fukaye

B.A., Metropolitan State College

A.A.S., Community College of Denver

Associate Dean of Judicial Affairs and Support Services

Heather Wilcox

M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University

B.A., Judson College

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Jennifer Husum

M.A. Lewis University

B.A. University of Illinois

Student Success Coordinator

Debra Goldberg

M.Ed. Springfield College

B.A. Colorado State University

Testing Center Coordinator

Dawn Stratton

B.S. Temple University

A.A. Northampton Community College

Director of Trio

Debra Suniga

M.Ed., Colorado State University

B.A., University of Colorado at Denver

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Littleton Campus Map

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Broadband Customer Care Certificate

Broadband Technology Certificate

Business Administration Certificate

Computer Aided Drafting Certificate

Computer Aided Drafting 2D, 3D and Custom Certificate

Computer Graphics Certificate

Computer Information Systems Certificate

Computer Network Technology Certificate

Computer Technician Certificate

Construction Management - Estimating Certificate

Contemporary Journalism

Criminal Justice- Emergency Dispatch Certificate

Early Childhood Director Certificate

Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Supervisor Certificate

Early Childhood Teacher CDHS Minimal Qualifications Certificate

Early Childhood Teacher Certificate

Eldercare Specialist Certificate

Emergency Medical Services - EMT Certificate

Emergency Medical Services- EMT Enhanced Certificate

Emergency Medical Services- Paramedic Certificate

Engineering Technologies- Mechanical Drafting Certificate

Foreign Language and Business Certificate

Law Enforcement Academy Certificate

Medical Office Technology Administrative Assistant Certificate

Medical Office Technology Billing and Reimbursement Certificate

Medical Office Technology Medical Assistant Certificate

Mortgage Banking Certificate

Sound Engineer Certificate

Nurse Aide Certificate

Paralegal Certificate

Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Phlebotomy Certificate

Physical Fitness Specialist Certificate

Practical Nursing Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Residential Drafting Certificate

Residential Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist Certificate

Retail Management Certificate

Web Design Certificate

Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

Great Books Program

Your A.A. or A.S. Degree May Transfer to all Colorado Public 4-Year Colleges and Universities

Course Descriptions

Academic Achievement Courses

Accounting Courses

Activity Professionals Training Courses

Air Force ROTC Courses

American Sign Language Courses

Anthropology Courses

Arabic Courses

Architectural Engineering and Construction Courses

Army ROTC Courses

Art Courses

ART 110 Art Appreciation: GT-AH1

ART 111 Art History I Ancient to Medieval: GT-AH1

ART 112 Art History II Renaissance to 1900: GT-AH1

ART 113 History of Photography

ART 121 Drawing I

ART 124 Watercolor I (previously ART 123)

ART 128 Figure Drawing I (previously ART 156)

ART 129 Printmaking I (previously ART 225)

ART 131 Visual Concepts 2-D Design

ART 132 Visual Concepts 3-D Design

ART 133 Jewelry and Metalwork I (previously ART 141)

ART 137 Enameling on Metal (previously ART 145)

ART 138 Film Photography I

ART 139 Digital Photography I (previously ART 143)

ART 140 Color Photography I

ART 141 Studio Photography (previously ART 253)

ART 142 Landscape Photography (previously ART 252)

ART 143 Figure Photography I (previously ART 158)

ART 144 Portrait Photography (previously ART 251)

ART 145 Digital Darkroom (previously ART 248)

ART 151 Painting I (previously ART 211)

ART 152 Landscape Painting (previously ART 210)

ART 154 Figure Painting I (previously ART 157)

ART 161 Ceramics I

ART 167 Sculpting The Figure (previously ART 254)

ART 175 Special Topics

ART 205 Museum Studies

ART 207 Art History-1900 to Present: GT-AH1

ART 210 Marketing for the Visual Arts (previously ART 264)

ART 221 Drawing II (previously ART 122)

ART 224 Watercolor II (previously ART 124)

ART 225 Watercolor III

ART 228 Advanced Figure Drawing (previously ART 256)

ART 229 Printmaking II (previously ART 226)

ART 230 Color Theory (previously ART 233)

ART 233 Jewelry and Metalwork II (previously ART 142)

ART 234 Jewelry and Metalwork III (previously ART 241)

ART 235 Jewelry and Metalwork IV (previously ART 242)

ART 238 Film Photography II

ART 239 Digital Photography II (previously ART 243)

ART 240 Color Photography II (previously ART 239)

ART 241 Large Format Photography (previously ART 240)

ART 242 Alternative Photo Processes

ART 251 Painting II (previously ART 212)

ART 252 Painting III (previously ART 213)

ART 253 Painting IV (previously ART 214)

ART 261 Ceramics II (previously ART 162)

ART 262 Ceramics III (previously ART 261)

ART 263 Ceramics IV (previously ART 262)

ART 275-277 Special Topics

ART 285 Independent Study

ART 286 Independent Study

Astronomy Courses

Automotive Technology Courses

ASE 101 Auto Shop Orientation

ASE 102 Introduction to The Automotive Shop

ASE 103 Auto Maintenance I

ASE 110 Brakes I

ASE 111 Automotive Brake Service II

ASE 120 Basic Automotive Electricity

ASE 122 Automotive Electrical Safety Systems

ASE 123 Starting and Charging Systems

ASE 130 General Engine Diagnosis

ASE 132 Ignition System Diagnosis and Repair

ASE 134 Automotive Fuel and Emissions Systems I

ASE 140 Steering and Suspension I

ASE 141 Suspension and Steering II

ASE 150 Manual Drive Train and Axle Maintenance

ASE 151 Automotive Manual Transmission/Transaxles & Clutches

ASE 152 Manual Transmission, Transaxles and Clutches II

ASE 153 Automotive Drive Axle Overhaul

ASE 154 Manual Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis and Repair

ASE 160 Automotive Engine Repair

ASE 161 Engine Repair & Rebuild

ASE 162 Automotive Engine Service

ASE 210 Automotive Power and ABS Brake Systems

ASE 220 Specialized Electronics Training

ASE 221 Automotive and Diesel Body Electrical

ASE 231 Automotive Computers and Ignitian Systems

ASE 233 Auto Fuel Injection and Emissions Systems II

ASE 235 Driveability & Diagnosis

ASE 236 Advanced Driveability/Diagnosis/Repair

ASE 240 Suspension and Steering III

ASE 250 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Service

ASE 251 Automotive Transmission and Transaxle Repair

ASE 252 Advanced Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles

ASE 264 Introduction Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning

ASE 265 Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

ASE 170 Laboratory Experience I

ASE 171 Laboratory Experience II

ASE 172 Laboratory Experience III

ASE 276 Special Topics

ASE 277 Independent Study

ASE 280 Internship: Basic Electrical and Engine Performance

ASE 281 Internship: Basic Heavy Duty and Power Train

ASE 282 Internship: General (Summer)

ASE 283 Internship: Advanced Electrical and Engine Performance

ASE 284 Internship: Advanced Heavy Duty and Power Train

ASE 285 Independent Study

ASE 287 Cooperative Education

Biology Courses

Business Courses

Business Technologies Courses

Chemistry Courses

College Composition and Reading Courses

Communication Courses

Computer Aided Drafting Courses

Computer Information Systems Courses

Computer Networking Courses

Computer Science Courses

Computer Web-Based Courses

Broadband Technology and Communication Courses

Criminal Justice Courses

Culinary Arts Courses

Early Childhood Education Courses

Economics Courses

Education Courses

Eldercare Courses

Electricity Industrial/Commercial Courses

Electronics Courses

Emergency Medical Services Courses

Engineering Courses

Engineering Graphics Technology Courses

English Courses

Entrepreneurship Courses

Environmental Science Courses

Finance Courses

French Courses

Geography Courses

Geology Courses

German Courses

Health and Wellness Education Courses

Health Information Technology Courses

Health Professions Courses

History Courses

Horticulture Courses

Human Performance and Exercise Courses

Humanities Courses

Interior Design Courses

Investments Courses

Japanese Courses

Journalism Courses

Law Enforcement Academy Courses

Literature Courses

Management Courses

Manufacturing Technologies Courses

Marketing Courses

Mathematics Courses

Medical Laboratory Technology Courses

Medical Office Technology Courses

Meteorology Courses

Mortuary Science Courses

Multimedia Graphic Design Courses

Music Courses

Nurse Aide Courses

Nursing Courses

Occupational Safety Technician Courses

Paralegal Courses

Pharmacy Technician Courses

Philosophy Courses

Physical Education Courses

Physical Therapist Assistant Courses

Physics Courses

Plumbing Courses

Political Science Courses

Psychology Courses

Russian Courses

Science Courses

Sociology Courses

Spanish Courses

Telecommunications Technology Courses

Theater Courses

Community and Workforce Programs

Administrators and Faculty

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